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UFC vs. WWE: 10 Things Dana White Could Learn From Vince McMahon

Remember Tito Ortiz walking to the wrestling cage with Limp Bizkit’s blaring in the background as fireworks? Those were the fun days of the UFC! So, what happened? Could somebody high up the ladder have decided to do away with those theatrics in order to get rid of the UFC’s stigma as nothing but human cockfighting? Or maybe they just wanted to present the true sport that it should be? If anything, Dana white has been working day and night to improve things. Here are 10 things he can learn from Vince McMahon; the WWE genius.

10. Just Stick To What You Are Good At

Vince McMahonWe have all seen Vince McMahon getting involved in many different projects, with – most of them failing. Remember his short-lived Minor League hockey team in the early 1980’s? What about the World Body-Building Federation of the early 1990’s, and the XFL in the early 2000’s? They were colossal flops, weren’t they? Since then, McMahon stuck with what he does better than everybody else – pro wrestling! And he had excellent success. So, as Zuffa grows, maybe it needs to stick to the fighting field and develop a dominant monopoly in MMA like McMahon has done in the pro wrestling world.

9. Fan Interaction

CM PunkWhen it comes to interacting with fans, no sport or league has done it better – and for longer – than the WWE. Of course, it is easier when your sport is a kind of entertainment against legitimate competition, but WWE has been playing to its fan base both inside and outside the ring. For instance, CM Punk recently used his Internet stardom to play WWE fans against each other in a feud with John Cena, and the whole WWE as an entity. This shows how fans can feel more involved in the sport. Though UFC cannot do that exactly, they can continue promoting the interactivity of their fighters with fans like they have done in their Twitter campaign.

8. Controversy Generates Cash

Andy Kaufman Versus Jerry LawlerThe Andy Kaufman versus Jerry Lawler feud unfolding in Memphis made the wrestling world realize that controversies generate cash a few decades ago. But it was unfortunate that MMA organizations had to fend off the legal battles accompanying the sport as they simultaneously tried to contain any possible bad press. WWE has the advantage of being capable of faking their controversies, but the UFC could also try to learn from them.

7. Competition Can Be And Is A Good Thing

World Championship WrestlingWWE won by buying the WCW (World Championship Wrestling), but the buy-out also marked a certain kind of loss in that it was the last time that the company was pushed by a competitor to provide better products to the fans. Those stars the WWE used to acquire from WCW were also not being created any longer. Just compare the number of wrestlers from TNA and those from WCW who have come to the WWE and become superstars. Almost none former matches products of WCW. Worthy competition pushes a business to be better. The UFC now owns their once worth competition from Pride to Strikeforce. So, who is the next major competitor to the Zuffa empire?

6. Women Are Athletes… Too

Women Are AthletesFor countless times, UFC President Dana White has been quoted saying he does not care about women’s mixed martial arts. He says he does not believe this can also be a money-maker.
The world’s largest female MMA star Carano last fought in 2009 in Strikeforce. But now it is part of the Zuffa Empire, and White cares less about women MMA. As things seem to be gradually dying in women’s MMA, McMahon is promoting women’s wrestling and has been doing so for decades. WWE’s female division has never been more than a sideshow, but it is something that helps break up male action. Would it kill Dana White to just have an occasional women’s fight?

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