Top Ten Things To Know About The Male Mind

According to the novelist Khaled Housseini, “A man’s plumbing is like his mind; simple, very few surprises”. Simple though it may seen, the grey matter of the man’s mind can work in a thousand different ways thinking a thousand different thoughts. There are men who appear superficial, yet as one gets to know them better, the layers of the mind begin to show themselves. Every woman would love to eavesdrop on the male mind, just as Mel Gibson, the seasoned American actor, did on the woman’s mind in the movie ‘What Women Want’.

That’s fair then. Lets take a peek into what goes inside the mind of a male and explore all, the simplicity and beyond. Are men stereotypical? Are They always scared of commitment? Can they think beyond a female body? Do they have ‘News’ and ‘Sport’ centres planted somewhere in their minds? Well, all this and much more, coming up in the following top ten secrets of the man mind;

10. Men really can’t remember first dates and clothing details

 first dates Accept it, it’s not easy for your man to recollect what you wore on your first date together. So, spare him the horror of your mushy reminders. Research indicates that the brain part responsible for building memories is different for a man and woman. Whereas a woman’s memory is more ‘emotion’ related, a man’s memory is connected to ‘visual’ and ‘tactical’ triggers. Give your men a break for they are naturally more prone to ‘cognitive impairments’ than you.

9. Men do not shy away from commitment, they only associate it differently

Men do not shy away from commitmentMen, essentially, do not hate commitment, they only associate it more with a certain ‘Loss of freedom’ extending to their ‘Buddy time‘, ‘Soccer time on TV‘, ‘Sexual fantasies‘ and the like. Therefore, if you are desperate for your man to commit, let him know that you won’t try to smother him and life would be all the more fun.

8. Men can’t help ‘Not listening’

Men can't help 'Not listening'Scientifically, men listen with only the left side of their brain in comparison to women who listen with both the sides. A man’s brain cannot multi-task like a woman’s for it uses a lesser number of ‘language processing centres. It needs to focus on the matter at hand with full concentration. So, the next time your man doesn’t respond to you the way you’d want him to, control the urge to blast him.

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