Top Ten Song Lyrics That Ruled The Charts

Imagining a world without songs is like imagining a sky without stars. Songs have managed to cure hearts, lift sagging spirits and bring positivity to people and places. Philosophers have left insightful quotes about songs. According to Plato, a renowned Greek philosopher, ‘Every heart sings a song, incomplete till another heart whispers back.’ And, one cannot deny, a song is just as beautiful as its lyrics.

Lyrics give every song, its soul. Millions of songs have been sung but only a part of them reach our hearts and stay there forever. These songs have lyrics that keep them alive across the sands of time. There have been a number of talented song writers who put in a lot of sweat in writing evergreen songs. Many of the songs are actually a reflection of real life happenings with which we can all identify, one way or another. Lets take a peek into some timeless lyrics.

10. Thrift Shop

When the American hip-hop singer duo Mackelmore and Ryan Lewis rendered the song, they would perhaps never have imagined the success that it would bring to them. Mackelmore wrote the song and the lyrics hint at the esteem he hold for thrift shops. In fact, the song celebrates ‘saving money’ through its humorous words. The song reached the top slot on ‘Billboard Hot 100′ and sold over seven million copies, creating a record of sorts. With vocals from Wanz, the song was part of the 2012 album, ‘The Heist’.

9. Blurred Lines

UK Official Charts company named the song as the ‘Beat-selling single‘ of the year 2013. This, Robin Thicke’s song has writing creditd being shared by three people, Robin, T.I – the American rap singer and Pharrell Williams, the producer. The song also peaked on the ‘Billboard Hot Hip Hop Songs’ chart. The song lyrics are ‘woman oriented’ and it enjoyed positive reactions from most critics.

8. Wrecking Ball

Performed by Miley Cyrus and written by a group of people including MoZella, Stephan Moccio, Saka Skarbek, Lukasz Gottwald and Henry Walter, the song opened to mixed reviews. The song is ‘synthpop’ in nature with lyrics that focus on a relationship and its deterioration. After debuting at number 50 on the Billboard Hot 100, the song attained the number one position for some time.

7. Royals

Recorded by the singer and song-writer from New Zealand, Lorde, the song released in 2013 for sale happens to be an ‘art-pop’ number. The lyrics of the song were co-written in half an hour by Lorde and the producer Joel Little. According to the writer duo the song is ‘A response to everything that is on pop radio.’ The lyrics centre around ‘aspirationalism’ and the lives of pop artists including their luxurious lifestyles. ‘Royals’ enjoyed critical acclaim in general and became a rather unexpected success commercially.

6. Holy Grail

The song belongs to the music album ‘Magna Carta Holy Grail’ by the American hip-hop singer Jay-Z. The vocals are rendered by Justin Timberlake and the lyrics attracted mixed reviews from the music critics. When one interprets the lyrics, they reflect Jay-z’s and Justin’s love-hate association with fame. The song bagged a spot on many popular charts including the number four position on the US Billboard Hot 100 and a seventh on the UK Single’s list.

5. Titanium

This is a blockbuster song by DJ David Guetta. Written together by Guetta, Sia Furler, Afrojack and Tuinfort, ‘Titanium’ belongs to the album ‘Nothing But The Beat’. A ‘ballad’ in nature, the song takes inspiration from certain pop genres and urban dance. The impactful lyrics of the song reflect on one’s inner strength. The song was in the ‘top ten’ lists of many music markets and lists and continues to be an ever-popular number.

4. Stay

A song by Rihanna from the album ‘Unapologetic’, ‘Stay’ opened to a host of positive reviews. Co-written by Justin Parker and Mikky Ekko, the song can be called a pop-ballad. The song is full of emotions and explores a relationship. The beautiful number was on top of many a music chart and the lyrics almost tell a story. In fact, the listener is drawn into the intensity of the song and can’t help but sing along.

3. Mirrors

Justin Timberlake, the American song-writer and talented singer recorded the song. Justin co-wrote it with Timothy Mosley and Jerome Harmon. The Billboard Hot 100 chart had the song peaking at number 2. The lyrics were supposedly inspired by Timberlake’s wife. Mirrors is much like a ‘love song’ meant for one’s ‘other half’. Sources suggest that the song mirrors Justin’s real life in a certain way.

2. Radiactive

Imagine Dragons, the rock band from America recorded the song. The lyrics received critical acclaim as did the song in general. The lyrics seem cryptic and are based on themes that are revolutionist. The year 2013 saw ‘Radioactive’ as its third best-selling number. Lyrics were penned by the band itself. Reynolds, the band’s frontman says that the song is about his personal struggle with anxiety. Basically, the song revolves around getting self-empowered and sounds very masculine.

1. Clarity

This is a progressive ballad from The Rolling Stones. Produced by Zedd, the song has been sung by Foxes, a relatively new singer. Co-written by many people including Zedd, the song became a major hit. The son’s highlight is its chorus which repeats often and is memorable indeed.

A song is never a song till it gets its words. Words strung together give the song its true meaning. Thousands of songs are sung every year, yet a handful manage to create a wave that reaches far and high. Here’s to song lyrics that once written cannot be erased ever again for they become immortal in more ways than one.

Lyrics are crucial to the success of a song. Inspiring lyrics can transform a song into something magical that you can’t help but replay over and over again. The songs mentioned above may have been numbered differently but they all have one thing in common and that is their lyrics. And through these amazing lyrics, the songs enchant their way into countless hearts.

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