Top Ten Jewelry Brands For You To Sparkle In

Jewelry is powerful. This is proven by what Sonja Henie, an Olympic champion and actress has to say about it; ‘Jewelry takes people’s minds off your wrinkles. Since time immemorial, jewelry has fascinated one and all, especially the fairer sex. There has to be some magic in a shimmering neckpiece or dangling earrings, a studded bracelet or a solitaire ring, magic that weaves itself around hearts and minds. The world today knows many jewelry brands, some of which have managed to carve a permanent name for themselves and stand for quality, creativity and beauty.

Here The Top 10 List Of Jewelry Brands:

10.  Better Late Than Never

Better Late Than Never

The brand was created by jewelry designer Sara Dudzinsky. The jewelry pieces are intense and unique, crafted out of natural stones, crystal etc. Sara also hunts for vintage things which she transforms into special jewelry items with her skill and dedication. Some products from the brand include, ‘The Reflection Collar’, mismatched studs, ‘Setting Sun’ earrings, Solitaire Crystal neckpieces, beaded ‘Moon Studs’ and others. The delicate jewelry from ‘Better Late Than Never’ stand out anywhere, anytime.

9.  Kendra Scott

Kendra ScottThis multimillion jewelry brand of today had humble beginnings. Kendra Scott, an American jewelry designer launched her small jewelry collection in the year 2002. The brand climbed the success ladder and went global selling currently at renowned retail stores like Bloomingdales, Nordstrom etc. A ‘Kendra Scott piece of jewelry is a style statement and redefines the world of jewelry in more ways than one. The brand offers necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings, bridal jewelry etc in a host of radiant colors and stunning designs.

 8. Sucre

SucreFrom body jewelry to bracelets and cuffs, earrings to Sucre excusive pieces, this jewelry brand is trendy and versatile. The brand celebrates the accessories and the love for them shared by two women, Selima Salaun and Candace Mohr. The jewelry store employs a talented group of jewelry designers who put in their best to create impressive and impactful jewelry pieces. Sucre jewelry has the inherent potential to turn your ordinary outfit into something extraordinary.

7.  Jennifer Fisher

Jennifer FisherThe brand offers captivating jewelry, from classic styles to contemporary pieces along with a unique ‘Brass collection‘. The brand is simply different for it creates jewelry for those who dare to be different. Some pieces from Jennifer Fisher include ‘Evil Eye bracelet’, ‘White Diamond Love Cuffs’, ‘Gothic Letter earrings’, long ‘Link chains’, ‘Round Reverse Chokers’, ‘Vertebrae cuff’ etc. The brass collection includes ‘Bandaid ring’, ‘Bone ring’, ‘Chain mail cuff’ and other striking pieces.

6. Gemfields

GemfieldsWith a spokesperson like Mila Kunis, one could gauge the popularity of this luxurious jewelry brand that specializes in producing ethically mined colored gems. The company professionally works with jewelry designers to create out of the world jewelry distinguished by sheer beauty and class. The artistic skills of the designers reveal the true gem value and give it an edge to remember. Gemfields ‘Emerald jewelry‘ is famous around the world. Since the brand believes in creating conflict-free, eco-friendly and sustainable jewelry, it has managed to achieved a loyal fan following and a trustworthy reputation.

5. Suzannah Wainhouse

Suzannah WainhouseThis jewelry brand honours the new generation and specializes in edgy jewelry touched by mystery. Every piece of jewelry seems to come out from an urban ruin of the past. The jewelry pieces are characterized by subtle textures and simple designs. This rather straightforward approach to jewelry makes the brand stand out. Suzannah, the woman behind the brand transforms metal into bold and attention-grabbing jewelry. For those who have a strong personality and admire statement making jewelry, this is the brand to look out for.

4. Tiffany

TiffanyThis particular American jewelry needs no introduction. This is the multinational brand for discovering the ultimate luxury in jewelry. The brand offers traditional jewelry products that speak for themselves. A ‘Tiffany‘ diamond ring has symbolized love and commitment since ages and even today, a marriage solemnized with the exchange of Tiffany rings is special indeed. The premier brand has experimented widely with jewelry designs to produce adorable pieces that have stood the test of time. A number of designs take inspiration from nature and include delicate florals. ‘Scarab theme’ was also used.

3. Winifred Grace

Winifred GraceThe brand embodies the essence of a female and has jewelry designs inspired from the soothing hues of nature like pale blues and pinks. The Chicago based designer, Winifred, uses raw materials like oxidized metals, Swarovski crystals and fresh water pearls. The jewelry is extraordinary and is simple, yet beautiful. Winifred Grace pieces can be found at high-end boutique stores. The designer’s brilliance is reflected in her work. She is also the lucky lady to receive ‘The Fashion Group’s International Rising Star‘ honour. Have a piece of her jewelry and get ready to turn heads.

2. Latest Revival

Latest RevivalThis is the new online retailer for luxury jewelry. Delfina Delettrez, from the Fendi family works with passion for the brand to design jewelry inspired from cultural symbols and her travel experiences between Rome and Rio de Janerio. Needless to say that the style of the jewelry matches the family legacy of elegance and royalty. The lady creates masterpieces out of raw materials like marble, scaramazza pearls and some exotic varieties of wood. A ‘Latest Revival‘ exclusive would be Delfina’s silver ‘Iced Look Double Finger Ring’ encrusted with breathtaking diamonds and ‘Agate’. Another excusive piece would be the 9K Gold ‘Kiss Me’ double finger ring studded with 54 ‘Cognac diamonds’. The jewelry collections reflect wanderlust and are just as grand as ever.

 1. Gucci

GucciThe brand earns its worldwide reputation from its superior designs and quality to match. Established in 1921 by Guccio Gucci, the brand highlights sophistication, elegance and grace. The Italian jewelry collection launched its first silver jewelry collection in 1997 and went on to launch one in gold two years later. The jewelry is timeless, only grows dearer with age. Gucci rings for women are extremely adorable and includes charming designs with an international appeal.

One cannot deny that jewelry is the ultimate adornment of womanhood. However, men too seek jewelry to enhance their personality. A world without jewelry would appear like a king who lost his crown. The various jewelry brands pay homage to beauty and style giving everyone something precious to love and cherish with all their hearts.

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