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Top 10 Warren Buffett’s Favorite Stocks


All thanks to the new filing, we can grasp a pick at how he is investing. Yes, managers recently filed the mandatory 13-f with the Securities and Exchange commission and we now know how they are making money. 13-f, is a quarterly report of equity holdings required from manager who oversee in excess of $100 million in qualifying assets and it must be filed within 45 days of the quarter end. It offers a glance at how firms performed in the previous quarter. However, the report does not include trading and hedging strategies of each fund. In his last quarter filings, Warren buffet made significant changes to his portfolio. Berkshire Hathaway raised its shareholding in Wells Fargo, U.S. Bancorp, Exxon Mobile and Wal-Mart. He also made a new $262.4 million investment in Liberty. However, it reduced its investment in ConocoPhillips and Suncor Energy and fully sold out its stake in GlaxoSmithKline and Dish Network. Here is Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway biggest investment. In simple terms, Warren Buffett’s top 10 favorite stocks according to dollar value at the end of the last quarter.

10. Exxon Mobil

Exxon Mobil

  • Share Holding: 41,130,000
  • Holding Value: $4.62 billion
  • Company Stake: 0.9%
  • Weighting: 4%

This Texas based oil company is the planets 3rd largest in terms of revenue. It is one of the descendants of John D Rockefeller’s Oil estate. It holds refineries in more than 21 countries. A number that is sufficient to rank it as the world’s largest oil refiner. Berkshire held 41.1 million shares in the company that are worth $4.2 billion. This was an increase from the previous period 40.1 million Shares.



  • Share Holdings: 36,515,000
  • Holding Value: $2.62 billion
  • Company Stake: 7.0%
  • Weighting: 2.4%

DirecTV is a California based satellite broadcast services provider and ranks at the top of its industry. Direct TV ended 2012 with a top number of 20.25 million subscribers and went ahead to scoop an additional 93,000 subscribers in the last quarter of 2012 despite raising its prices. At the end of the 2th quarter of 2014, Berkshire held 36.5 million shares that were worth $2.5 billion. The positions remained the same as it was in 2013.

8. U.S. Bancorp

U.S. Bancorp

  • Share Holding: 79,321,000
  • Holding Value: $3.24 billion
  • Company Stake: 4.3%
  • Weighting: 3.1%

U.S Bancorp is a Minneapolis based multinational financial institution, and ranks as the 5th largest bank in the U.S. It employees 60,000 individuals and boasts of $364 billion inform of assets. It operates in 25 Midwestern states. This bank has for a long time continued to be in buffet favorite list of investment. He increased his stake by a small margin during the 2th quarter to hit 79.3 million shares from its previous 79.1 million shares. The new investment is worth almost $2.9 billion.

7. Wal-Mart


  • Share Holding: 49,484,000
  • Holding Value: $3.87 billion
  • Company Stake: 1.5%
  • Weighting: 3.7%

Wal-Mart is celebrated as the biggest retailer across the Globe, and the world’s 2nd largest public company. It’ also ranked as the world 2nd biggest employer. In 2009, 51% of its sales came from its grocery business. Wal-mart is based in Arkansas.
Berkshire raised its investment in planet’s biggest retailer to 49.5 million shares in the 4th quarter, up from the previous 49.2 million shares in the 3rd quarter. Its final position in Wal-Mart was worth $3.9 billion at end of Dec 2013.

6. DaVita HealthCare Partners

DaVita HealthCare Partners

  • Share Holdings: 36,461,000
  • Holdings Value: 2.31 billion
  • Company Stake: 17.7%
  • Weighting: 2.2%

During the last quarter of 2013, Buffett increased his stake in DaVita by 5 million share to hit 36.5 million shares. Ted Weschler, Buffett’s hand selected portfolio manager, is the lead behind the DaVita. He joined Berkshire in 2012, but records shows that Buffett has been investing in DaVita for more than a decade.

5. Procter & Gamble

Procter And Gamble

  • Share Holding: 52,793,000
  • Holding Value: 4.29 billion
  • Company Stake: 1.9%
  • Weighting: 4.1%

During the last quarter of 2013, Buffett kept his investment in Proctor and Gamble unchanged at 52.8 million shares. The total value of the investment at the end Dec 2013 was $4.3 billion.

4. International Business Machines

International Business Machines

  • Share Holding: 68,122,000
  • Holding Value: 12.78 billion
  • Company Stake: 6.3%
  • Weighting: 12.2%

Established in 1911, IBM has withstood the test of time and it continues to be at the top of technological revolution. It employs more than 435,000 employees worldwide and is ranks as the 2nd largest American company on employees base. It is also one of Buffett’s largest holdings. At the end of the end of the last quarter of 2013, Berkshire held, 68.1 shares of the company that was worth $13.8 billion.

3. American Express

American Express

  • Share Holding: 151,611,000
  • Holding Value: $15.52 billion
  • Company Stake:14.3%
  • Weighting:20.1%

As at 2009, Amex cards accounted for 24 percent of the total credit card transactions dollar volume in the US. Berkshire held 151.6 million shares of the credit giant as at the end of the 4th quarter. It remained at the same position as in the 4th quarter and it is worth $13.8 billion.

2. Coca-Cola


  • Share Holding: 400,000,000
  • Holding Value: $16.52 billion
  • Company Stake: 9.1%
  • Weighting: 15.8%

Coca-Cola is popular as buffet’s favorite stocks. In fact, he has gone on record as saying that he will never let go of his investment in this world renowned beverage firm. At the end of the 4th quarter, Berkshire held 400 million shares, worth $16.5 billion.

1. Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo

  • Share Holding: 463,458,000
  • Holding Value: $21.04 billion
  • Company Stake: 8.8%
  • Weighting: 20.1%

This San Francisco multinational bank is the 4th largest bank in the state. Warren Buffett raised his stake in the company from 0.07% in the year 2013. Well Fargo is by far the largest companies with $21.04 billion invested in the company.
It’s the world most profitable bank and warren’s top holding. Berkshire Held 463.5 million shares of wells Fargo at the end of 4th quarter, up slightly from the previous quarter. As at end of Dec 2013, the total position was worth $21 billion.

Today, Warren Buffett is one of the most successful and widely followed investors of all time. He is the largest shareholder of Berkshire Hathaway and its CEO. Buffett has managed to navigate through even the worst financial turmoil, and he has over the years been providing invaluable advice to investors.

The above are Warren Buffets top 10 favorite stocks. He consistently looks for undervalued investment and cling to them till they grow to the maximum. Which one do you think Warren will increase his stake in during this quarter? Make your guess by leaving a comment in the box below. Once Berkshire results for this quarter are released, we will come back and update the list. You will see how accurate your guess was. You are also most welcome to share this post via social media.

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