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Top 10 Trending Soap Operas That Are A Must-Watch

Though most these films were originally based on the Spanish way of life, times have changed and nowadays there are telenovelas from almost every country around the world from places such as Philippines and Egypt amongst others. The themes of these stories typically revolve around finding love, heartbreaks and enduring hardships just so that one can have an opportunity of being with the person that they truly care about.

10. El Clon

El ClonThis popular melodrama focuses on the life of Lucas, a young man from a wealthy American family who’s in love with Jade, a Moroccan damsel brought up in strict Muslim traditions. The young man faces opposition from both his father and people from Jade’s homestead, especially her dad who is worried that the daughter would introduce western cultures into their home, something that’s beyond the family’s wildest imaginations. His father wants Lucas to join the family business but the young fellow prefers a career in music, while at the same time striving hard to win Jade’s love.

9. La Tormenta

La TormentaMaria Teresa is a young beautiful woman who’s accustomed to the city life, but fate has it that she has to visit her rural home and manage their farm so as to protect the family’s economic interests. Given that their piece of land sits right at the heart of an oil field, Teresa is optimistic that the new discovery would help bail her family from bankruptcy and financial woes, however while still at the countryside she meets and falls in love with one of her dad’s farm workers, a man by the name of Santos Torrealba, he teaches her how to ride horses, prepare fodder for the cattle and basically survive in the countryside.

8. Todo Sobre Camila

Scarlet OrtizCamila, depicted by actress Scarlet Ortiz, is a young beautiful and hardworking woman studying Economics in a local university. Though she’s from an aristocratic family lineage, the death of her father causes ripples in the family and she’s forced to swallow the humble pie and work as waitress in a backstreet hotel. The prestigious de Alba mansion is the only reminder of her formally privileged past. During a fundraising event, Camila meets with Alejandro who’s the successor to a prominent Ecuadorian hotel empire. The two fall in love but their relationship is soon interrupted by Eduardo Bonfil, a mean and manipulative businessman who wants to marry Camilla so as to benefit from the wealth that her father left behind.

7. Shree

ShreeShree is a Hindi supernatural soap opera that officially airs on Zee TV, it focuses on the life of a timid and naïve village girl, who happens to marry a man from Mumbai deeply in love with her. However, she soon realizes that there’s a female spirit also in love with his husband, it would go to all extents to protect him from other women such as Shree. Though fearful and timid, she accepts a challenge from the spirit that hovers around her husband that the entity who wins will peacefully leave space for the other in the man’s life. Viewers are taken into another world full of intrigue and mystery as the young girls proves her love for Hari against the spirit form. This is the first time in history that “spiritism” and soaps have been combined into one comprehensive story line.

6. The Bold and the Beautiful

CBS TVThe Bold is a popular American soap opera that airs on CBS TV, ever since it was launched it has garnered approximately 26.2 million viewers internationally making it one of the most-watched shows of all time. The episode starts with preparations for a wedding event of Forrester’s first born son, Ridge, who’s getting married to Carol Spenser the daughter of a renowned media mogul. With Ridge considered by many as a mere playboy, viewers are left asking whether the marriage would last or end up like the previous failed relationships.

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