Top 10 Traits That Make You An Aquarius

As an Aquarius, there are certain traits about you that tend to stick out like a sore thumb. Most are extremely intelligent and driven; this means you focus on your career, and are always looking for ways to better yourselves. But, on the flip side, many do not like to admit when they are wrong about something, even when they are.

Sure, like every zodiac sign there are those who live their lives contrary to the rest, but all in all, there are certain traits which tend to stick out with those who fall within this astrological sign and time setting. These are a few of the traits which are commonly found among those who fit this zodiac.

10. Emotions Are Out

Emotions Are OutIts not that you aren’t an emotional person, its more of the fact that you do not like to discuss or talk about your emotions with people who are in your life. This might pose the feeling of these individuals being cold, or not in touch with their feelings; rather, those who fall within this zodiac like to think of this trait as simply calling things as they see it, rather than being overly emotional.

9. You Can’t Lose

argumentYou will never back down from an argument. Even if all logic fails, and even if the words you speak are nonsensical, those who fit this astrological sign tend to believe that every word coming out of their mouths are correct. You don’t back down from arguments, and you are confrontational with those who tend to tell you that your chain of thought does not make much sense.

8. The Brainiac

intellectually challengedIf you are an Aquarius, it is highly likely that you enjoy to be intellectually challenged. You like learning new things, you are always exposing the mind to something new, and you tend to grasp things rather quickly. If you study something, you learn it quickly, and even if you don’t study often, these individuals tend to be well read, and understand a variety of topics rather easily.

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