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Top 10 Things You Should Not Say While On A Date

Going back to the dating scene might be a little unnerving especially if you just got out of a long term relationship. Chances are you waited awhile for this date to happen so make sure it doesn’t end abruptly! Take five minutes to read these top ten things you should not say while on a date:

10. I’ve Been Waiting For 10 Minutes!

Waiting For 10 MinutesLook, nobody likes waiting, but if it’s only just for a few minutes, then let it go. Your date is just as nervous as you are and they probably took the extra time to look amazing for you. Instead of nagging them about being late, why not show your appreciation instead? Rather, say something like, “Wow, you look wonderful! This was so worth the wait!”. Not only will this lighten the mood, it will also get rid of the awkwardness right away. Often times, you will find your date apologetic and you can use their reason for being late as a conversation starter (e.g. “Sorry, my cat spilled milk on my dress” – “Oh, I understand. I used to have one growing up).

9. Let’s Not Go This Restaurant. I Heard The Food There Is Terrible!

great restaurantIf you’re like most people, part of the excitement of going on a date is getting to eat in a great restaurant of your choice. You spend days thinking about the food almost as much as you think about your date. Imagine that after days of craving, your date tells you they would rather eat somewhere else. How would you feel? The key to being a spectacular date is to always put yourself in other people’s shoes. Not only are you inconsiderate for changing the plans on the spot, you’re also giving the message that your date has bad taste. If there’s somewhere else you want to go, why not hint it as a place for a potential second date? Say something like, “Hey, if things go well tonight, how about I plan the our next date? There’s this great place I would love to show you.”.

8. That Shirt/Dress Doesn’t Look Good On You

relationshipSeriously. Do not even go there. This is just a date, not a beginning of a relationship. Unless they are wearing something obscenely inappropriate, then you don’t have the right to tell your date what or what not to wear. Not only do you come off as unappreciative of the time and effort they took to look good for you, you also come off as just plain rude.

7. Our Server Is Cute!

Our Server Is CuteSo, you’re already hours into your date and you realize that this won’t turn into true love. This does not give you the excuse to make your date feel terrible by checking out other people immediately and in their presence! Have the decency to finish out the date. Even if it doesn’t turn into romance, what’s the harm in ending the date with a new friend? Be polite and be mindful about your date’s feelings.

6. I’m Not Looking For Anything Serious

important statementAlthough this is an important statement, this should have been cleared before the date. It’s not fair to string someone along knowing that they have different expectations from you. If you’re looking for something on the more casual side, then you should say that before planning an actual date.

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