Top 10 Things You Should Know About Mark Zuckerberg

Born on May 14th, 1984, Zuckerberg is a philanthropist, internet guru, computer programmer, and entrepreneur. He co-founded Facebook when he was still a teenager. He inspired one of every seven people on the planet to use his social media. Here are top 10 things you should know about Mark Zuckerberg.

10. He Spent Over A year Eating Only Meat He Killed Himself

Mark Zuckerberg Eat MeatZuckerberg normally sets himself self-improvement goals each year. His goal in 2011 was to eat only meat he had killed himself. The idea behind this goal was to enable him to move more towards Vegetarianism. He said, I feel blessed that I have such an awesome life. I like consuming meat, and prior to this year I ate it almost daily.” He said. “in order to show how grateful I am, I plan to be eating only meat I have killed myself. This will help me connect more with the food I consume, and the animals that give up their life so that I can eat them.”

9. He Designed His Wife’s Wedding Ring

Designed His Wife’s Wedding RingMark himself designed his wife’s wedding ring, which is a ruby endowed with diamond on both sides. However, the rings has ever since been a strange target of criticism, with Daily Mail criticizing the size of the germ, and stating that it is not anywhere close to what a woman would expect from a billionaire.

8. Fear Of Public Speaking

Fear Of Public SpeakingIt has been stated that Mark has a deep fear of public speaking or at a minimum he was not great at it. For instance, does any of you recall the Wall street Journal D8 conference held back in June 2010? Mark floundered throughout the entire interview. Well, we do not intend to knock mark down; some individuals just seem to have that charisma where they can become a rock star when addressing a crowd. However, the problem is that Mark was just too scared of having to sit and speak to a group of people. If you don’t agree with this, then fast forward to July 2011, although Mark did dramatically better than he had in the 2010, a lot remained to be desired in respect to his public speaking skills. During the speech, which announced Facebook collaboration with Skype, Mark was materially poor compared to his colleague from Skype. However, we noticed more improvement while he was on Charlie Rose in Nov of the same year.

7. He Says He’s Not That Interested In Money

Mark Zuckerberg Is Not Interested In MoneyThis is a popular fact, but one that continues to astonish. In almost all his interview, Zuckerberg has stated that his interest is not in accumulating wealth but in connecting the world. He said, “We make money not to make money, but to offer quality products to the world.” “Simply put,” he said, “We do not offer services to make money, we make money to allow us to provide better services to the world.” Mark said the same in the firms S-A filing to go public. To further show his strong disassociation with wealth, Mark has signed the giving pledge. This is a promise by him to donate 50% of his wealth to charity and humanitarian causes during his life or after his death. He joined the list of his fellow billionaires Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey and Mark Cuban. To date, 122 billionaires have signed the pledge.

6. He Commenced With Facemash

Commenced With FacemashWhile mark was still a student at Harvard university, he designed a website called Facemash. The website requested users to vote and judge attractiveness of other students on the basis of their directory photos. Unfortunately, the site did not go well with the majority of the student and the administration, and it was pulled down after a short time. Later on Feb 4th, 2004, Mark launched The, a social media platform that enabled users to create basic profiles. Initially, Facebook was supposed to be a networking website for University students but it was thrown open for the general public on 2006.

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