Top 10 Things You Should Know About Kim Kardashian

Born on 21st Oct 1980, Kimberly Noel Kardashian is an American Social media personality, businesswoman, actress, model and fashion designer. She was born and brought up in California. She rose to the spotlight after a 2003 private sex tape, of her and her then boyfriend Ray J, was leaked to the media. Since then, a lot of amazing things have unfolded about her, most of which we believe you don’t know. Here are the top 10 things you should know about Kim Kardashian.

10. She Knows The Value Of The Dollar

Knows The Value Of The DollarSay what you want but Kim Knows the real value of the dollar, and how to make one. During her schooling days at Marymount High School, she used to work at a L.A boutique, to earn funds to pay for her totalled BMW. Further, her reign as the highest paid reality TV personality is not her only claim to fame. Our beautiful California girl has also made her name as personal stylist and closet organizer for the likes of Lindsay Lohan, Brandy, supermodel Cindy Crawford and Nicole Richie. This of course had come after her aspiration to be a cosmetologist burned out, a practice she tapped into while still a Teenager all thanks to her late dad, Robert.

9. Her Relationship With Kanye Holds Years In The Making

Kim Kardashian With KanyeTalking of her time with all times great R&B sensation Brandy, this is the era sparks started to fly between Kim and Kanye West. The Chicago Emcee and Kim were featured on brandy’s 2004 hit Fell in love with him. However, just like it happens to all Kardashians who try to throw their toes in the music arena, her stay in the industry was short lived. However, her appearance in the video “Jam Turn It Up’ lives, and if you cast your eyes more closely, you will see west make a cameo in the 2010 clip. So, if you are astonished by what Mr. West terms a love story of all ages, note that his relationship with Kim holds years in making. He has been a main pillar of support in her life

8. She Was Afraid She May Have To Give Birth Alone

She Afraid Give Birth AloneWhile she was carrying North, her baby with Kanye, Kim worst nightmare was giving birth alone in the delivery room. She was afraid that Kanye, who after we followed his story, does not like to be around blood, may not make it. However, maybe she didn’t have anything to worry about. If anything, her entire Kardashian family would be there. Her mother, Kendall Jenner, Is not squeamish and is not scared of being around blood. Even anything, she has had a few babies.

7. Her Wedding With Kanye Is Her 3Rd

Kim Kardashian Marriage With KanyeKim’s wedding with West is her third. She was first married to Damon Thomas in 2000, and infamously to Humphries in 2001. Surprisingly, her marriage with Kris H. lasted for only 72 days. Yes, the wedding was widely publicized and made daily headlines in magazines and newspapers, but it lasted for less than 3 months. Most people argue that the marriage was stage managed to sell Kim. In fact, she is the 1 who filed for divorce on the grounds of irreconcilable differences. No doubt, when Kim walks down with Kanye in 2014, it will be one of the greatest ceremonies ever.

6. Kim Has Gained Form His Family’s Top Connections

Kim Has Gained Top ConnectionsIt pays really well for Kardashian to have friends in high places. The co-founder of Market American, Loren Ridinger, helped Kim hit up to $10,000 per tweet for her selected brands.

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