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Top 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Iron Man-Howard Hughes

Iron Man 3 emerged as a big hit at box office with early numbers from Sunday. Its gross revenues exceeded $175 million, which is very proximate to the target established by “The Avengers” at $200 million a year ago. From fighting evil to being the perfect alpha male and having some of the most advanced tech gear in film history, Iron man can rightly be considered a superhero. Here are the favorite things you did not know about your favorite superhero.

10. Iron Man (Tony Stark) Takes After Howard Hughes

Iron Man Tony StarkAccording to Stan Lee, Iron Man Creator, Tony Stark takes after Howard Hughes. Lee describes Hughes as the most colorful man of our time. He was a multi-billionaire, an adventure, a ladies’ man, and a hard nut to crack. He was an American aviator, inventor, filmmaker, American business tycoon, aerospace engineer and philanthropist. Howard is also remembered as one of the richest people in the world during his time. For a large portion of his life, Howard displayed signs of obsessive compulsive disorder. In fact, at one time he lived in a darkened screening room for 4 months, never leaving and even relieving himself in empty bottles and containers. While you may not know a lot about Hughes, Iron Man 3 brings him back to life for you to get to know him. Yes, the superhero Tony Stark takes after him. Fortunately, behavior from his last part of life does not make it into Iron man 3 movie.

9. Robert Downey Jr Almost Flopped To Get The Role Of Iron Man 3

Robert Downey Jr Iron Man 3It is difficult to picture or think anyone filling the role of Iron Man, but Nicolas Cage and Tom Cruise were both invited to take on the role before Robert Downey. However, Tom cruise rejected the offers since he was not a huge fan of the script. Nicolas cage was invited to take up the role and he shown some interest as early as 1997, but because of the producer skepticism over whether he would perfectly fit the role and his busy schedule, they eventually decided to go with Downey Jr. to act the leading character, Tony Stark.

8. Jarvis Stands For ”Just A Rather Very Intelligent System.”

Stark’s Al systemIn the Iron Man film, J.A.R.V.I.S is the name of Stark’s Al system that facilitates him in superhero-ing. It is also a synonym for “Just A Rather Very Intelligent System.” So, can Butterfingers, Stark’s robotic lab assistant, get some respect for this. After all, he managed to save Stark’s ass in the most recent film. When Paul Bettany was requested to record his lines for Jarvis, it took him a mere 2 hours to do so, and he had absolutely no idea which movie he was working on.

7. It Cost You In Excess of $10 Billion To Be Iron Man

Tony Stark’s lifestyle is rather quite expensive. From his luxury cars to one of the most magnificent house we have ever seen in a film, his extravagant lifestyle does not end here. Money supermarket managed to put an info graphic that breaks down the cost of being Iron Man, and the figure goes well beyond 10 billion.

6. Iron Man Hits 50 This Year

Iron Man Hits 50 This YearIntroduced in 1963 in “Tales of Suspense #39” Iron Man was invented at the climax of the Cold war, he was conceived as an anti-communist hero. Over the 3 years, he became increasingly dependent on technology to live, and also fought alcoholism in the famous “Demon Bottle” storyline of the 70s. He has also been a member of the Avengers throughout history, and he has fought everyone from Skrulls to Dr. Doom.

5. The Iron Man Suit Might Soon Become A Reality

A designing company called Lockheed Martin is 1 of the few firms in the process of developing a technologically advanced suit like the one worn by Iron Man. Their Human Universal Carrier (HULC) is designed to aid soldiers to carry loads of up to 200 pounds for prolonged periods of time. The 1st commercial sale of the exoskeleton for medical use was done last Sept, which industry expert say could herald a new era in which powered suits could become available to anyone with cash.

4. Robert Downey Is 1 Of The Oldest Superheroes

Robert Downey Is 1 Of The Oldest SuperheroesSuperhero movies mostly tend to be dominated by younger actors such as Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, and Andrew Garfield. Downey just turned 48 last month, bringing him out as one of the oldest actors to ever acts as a superhero. His age however does not seem to take a toll on his ability to fight.

3. Iron Man’s House Is Valued At $117 Million Was It A Real Home

Iron Man’s HouseBased off the film, Stark’s home is located in Malibu, California. We only wish that this wonderful home was real. A real estate guru known as Molotov, priced the home at $4,690 per square foot for 25,000 square foot adding up to a whooping $117 million home.

2. This Crazy Fan Developed The Closet Thing To An Iron Man Suit

As we wait for a real life exoskeletons of Iron Man to become affordable, we will just have to be contented with the stunning fan-made armor designed by fitness instructor Anthony Le. His killer Iron Man suit has repulsors, light up eyes, a retractable mask, motorized shoulder weapons, moving flight stabilizers and jets that give out CO2. We wish we would get 1.

1. It Took More Than 17 Years To Develop Iron Man

17 Years To Develop Iron ManBefore making it to the screen, Iron Man was simply a character in Marvel’s Comic Book series. But a movie benchmarked on Tony Stark had been under development since 90s and took more than 17 years to come to theaters. Four different studios passed on the project, so, Marvel eventually opted to work on it in-house. This proved to be one of the smartest moves the firm has ever made.

Well, these are the two things you should know about Iron Man. Which one do you find most interesting? Do you agree that the superhero, Tony Stark perfectly imitates Howard Hughes? Feel free to put your comments in the box below and let the world hear your opinion. You are also welcome to share this post via social media.

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