Top 10 Things I Dislike About Outside Catering Services

3. No Discounts

offer special discountsOnly outside catering companies don’t offer discounts to their clients. Catering companies should come up with some discounts to attract more customers. That does not mean that they should lower the quality of their services to cut costs as this will only harm their reputation and credibility. For example, the reason why hotels are currently making millions is because they offer special discounts to local tourists and international visitors who book accommodation in advance. Outside catering companies need to follow suit.

2. No After-sale Services

If you thought that the company will clean up the mess after the party, you are terribly wrong. You might be forced to clean the venue or hire someone to do it for you at a cost.

1. Very Expensive Services

Catering companies seem to be hiking their charges in order to hit their profit targets. Unknown to them is that this hinders them from grow and expanding to their full capacity as very few can afford the services.

Those are my two cents about outside catering services. They should borrow a leaf from this white paper to enhance their service delivery. If you intend to hire a catering company in future, make sure that you hire the best to cushion yourself from inconveniences.

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