Top 10 Things I Dislike About Outside Catering Services

6. Poor Catering Manners

How do you serve a drink on a dirty glass? You sometimes, some of the things caterers do just blow my mind away. Outside catering should maintain the highest level of hygiene and professional hence we expect the personnel to carry themselves diligently. The management team of some of these companies should be taken for management courses or fired if that is what it takes to ensure that they deliver high quality services to clients. Otherwise, some of us will be forced to take legal action next time this companies offer low quality services. To me this is the highest level of negligence and ignorance.

5. Poor Hygiene

Outside catering means that the chefs will have to prepare the food in their own kitchen before packaging and transport it to your venue. After hiring several companies, I am tempted to think that they do not understand what it takes to pack food in modern storage dishes to keep them fresh and nutritious. More often than not, you will end up paying for overcooked cold food and I bet your clients will not be happy. To avoid such inconveniences, it is at times recommendable to cook the food in your own kitchen or hire a chef to come in and do the cooking on your behalf but as per your expectations.

4. Unclear Terms And Conditions

Have you ever taken time to read the terms and conditions that govern delivery of outside catering services? Trust me you will be mesmerized. Some of these companies are too egocentric and only care about their businesses and careless about what clients have to say about their services. I once asked for clarification and the response was even more confusing than what is articulated in the agreement document. Anyway I had to sign it as I was desperate for their services. However, you should not make the same mistake, read and comprehend the terms and conditions. Also, clear off companies that have an unprofessional terms and condition document to avoid regrets along the way.

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