Top 10 Spectacular Ocean Phenomena

The intriguing mysteries hidden in the depth of vast oceans is something which is one of the most fascinating things among sailors, travelers as well as researchers. The variety of natural phenomena occurring in water is sometimes left unexplained, though many analysts are able to resolve the cause of such magnificent display of beauty. Starting form bioluminescence to patterns on the sea bed and even cappuccino coast, there are many natural mysteries which are admired by nature lovers throughout the world. Here are top 10 amazing ocean phenomena occurring around the world:

10. Red Tide

Red Tide Ocean PhenomenaAs the name suggests, the tides in some coastal areas are visibly red in color. The reason behind this is enormous algal bloom which grows rapidly to make the water appear red near the shores. The photosynthetic pigments presents in algae is known to change the color of the tides. Though it is very fascinating, the water can be harmful for humans, animals and even birds. The algae are known to produce toxins while they grow which are even harmful for some marine fishes. In some places algal bloom may change the color of water to brown, orange and green.

9.  Stripped Icebergs

Stripped Icebergs Ocean PhenomenaIcebergs are generally found in either solid whites or clear transparent, but in some waters near Antarctica, there is formation of stripped icebergs. Sometimes the stripes are of white and clear ice but multicolored stripes are also found. The main phenomena behind this is mixing of white and blue ice while formation of iceberg. The melting and refreezing also plays an important role in creating the stripes on the icebergs. Other particles like dust may get entrapped inside the layers and appear as multicolored stripes.

8.  Underwater Crop Circle

Underwater crop circle Ocean PhenomenaOceans in many parts of the world have shown captivating formations of crop circles on ocean beds. Experts explain the formation of such brilliant structure is due to the creative movements of puffer fish, who also decorate the formation with shells and other objects found underwater. The main aim for creating crop circles by puffer fishes are finding their partners for mating. Some people believe that aliens are responsible for such under water mysteries.

7.  Cappuccino Coast

Cappuccino coast Ocean PhenomenaThis is yet another amazing ocean phenomenon characterized by thick formation of foam near the coast. The foam is a result of swift water currents which pass through decaying algal blooms. Other marine decompositions also tend to create foam which appears like cappuccino. The foam does not cause any harm to humans though some toxins released from algal bloom may be bad for some people.

6.  Brinicle

Brinicle Ocean PhenomenaBrinicles appears a crystal underneath the water is highly dangerous for marine life. It is formed only in extremely low temperatures near the poles. The sea salt leaks from the surface ice and tend to settle down at the bottom of the sea. It damages or freezes any fish, animal or marine plant which comes in contact with it. This phenomenon is clearly visible as a white crystal underneath the water which starts near the surface and ends deeps down the bottom.

5.  Frost Flowers

Frost Flowers Ocean PhenomenaYoung sea ice takes the shape of bright white flowers which spread to a vast area of the sea providing a spectacular view. The flower like structure is a result of frosting of ice which is affected by mild winds. When the air is dry and cooler than the water, the crystals are formed which keeps floating on the sea surface, providing an extravagant art. These frost flowers are pretty high in salt which can also dissipates into air.

4.  Sea Smoke

Sea Smoke Ocean PhenomenaSea smoke is one of the stunning characteristic of black sea. The steam above the sea is a result of excessive humidity of sea water which when comes in contact with cooler air above it forms steam. This steam appears smoky as if it is arising from hot water. Sailors find such ocean phenomena pretty impressive. Sea smoke is also found in other water bodies apart from black sea.

3.  Baltic Sea and North Sea meets

Baltic Sea and North Sea meets Ocean PhenomenaThe province of Skagen located in Denmark has witnessed the beauty of the convergence of the two seas. It is characterized by a clear line which separates the two water and shows a magnificent display of natural beauty. Also mentioned in holy Koran, this sea meet is due to the difference in density of both sea waters which appear as a dividing line on the ocean. There is a clear difference in the color of the waters coming from two different seas. This makes it as one of the best art made by nature and makes its way on number 3 on the list.

2.  Bioluminescence

Bioluminescence PhenomenaThis phenomenon makes the sea glow during night. It is named as bioluminescence as the glow is produce by micro-organisms which are present in sea water. These are known as dinoflagellates and are found in certain sea waters. These organisms react to any disturbance in water, for example; fish movement, water currents or human interference and release a chemical. This chemical when comes in contact with oxygen at the surface of water, emits light. Innumerous microorganisms release a good amount of chemical to illuminate the entire bay during night.

1.  Milky Sea

Milky Sea phenomenaMilky sea is one of the best ocean phenomena and is visible on Indian Ocean. A part of the ocean appears milky when viewed through naked eyes. It remained a topic of debate among scientists and analysts for many years. Scientists are now able to explain the reason for such milky sheen on a part of the ocean. It is due to bacteria which thrive in the sea and emit light to attract fishes from nearby water. Once fishes come to this area, the bacteria gets into their gut to settle down. It is particularly due to this reason why such phenomenon takes place. Many researches show that the bacteria have a property to emit light and there is probably no harm to anyone due to this effect.

With all this and more, the top ten ocean phenomena remains a matter of great quest among people, especially those who like to admire the beauty of nature. The spectacular view provided by nature is not dangerous in most of the cases, however some of them could cause harm to humans.

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    The photo of the “red tide” is the Yangtze River at Chongqing. Not terribly close to any ocean…