Top 10 Smartest Things Tim Cook Has Done Since Becoming Apple’s CEO

Born on November 1st 1960, Tim cook (Timothy Donald) is an American business magnate and CEO of Apple Inc. He joined Apple in 1988 to serve as SVP of its global operations, but he also served as the EVP of global sales. Tim was Apple’s COO till he succeeded Steve Jobs as the CEO. Prior to his official appointment, Tim had served as Apple’s CEO for a short period after Steve commenced his medical leave on Jan 2011. When Cook was named the full-time Chief Executive Officer of Apple Inc, it was a bad news, good news situations for him. The good was that he had a chance to manage the most advanced technology company in the universe. A company that knows how to make money. The bad news is that he was taking over from one of the greatest businessmen of all times; Steve Jobs. In practical terms, this meant there is not much Cook can do to enhance Apple, but there are a million ways in which he can screw it. Fortunately, so far he has been largely successful. There has been a couple of mistakes, but error is to man. Overall cook has done an impressive job. Here are the top 10 smartest things Tim Cook has done since becoming Apple’s CEO. Check them outTim Cook1

10. Promoting Jony Ive

When Job died, there did not appear to be that man at Apple. The man who had the vision for consumer electronics, the man who would make final calls on products. Tim is clearly not a product guy. He is more into operations management. He had 2 savvy product men; Scott Forstall and John Ive. They did not like working with each other. So, Tim decided to remove Scott and promote Forstall. Given Forstall performance track record and his proximity with Steve, we can argue Tim made the right call.

9. The iPad Mini

Jobs trashed mini tablets just as they were hitting the market for the first time. Cook could have chosen to stick to Steve’s strategy and not release iPad Mini to the market. Wisely, he didn’t, and today the iPad Mini is the best selling tablet in the Global market.

8. Apologizing For Apple Maps

Apple’s maps were a real debacle. Tim’s decision to apologize appears very un-Apple like, but it was a smart move. He said he took full responsibility, acknowledged the firms errors, and promised to improve the maps. Up to date, it is still a huge blot on his performance record, as most argue he should not have released the maps until they were ready, but he handled it professionally and smartly.

7. Cleaning Up Apple’s Foxconn Mess

Around a time like today last year, Apple went under huge fire for the working conditions in factories that manufactured iPhones. Tim took the criticism to heart, and devotedly pushed for improvement of working conditions at Foxconn, Apple’s manufacturing partner. Although the conditions are yet to be what we would call perfect, Tim has made dramatic improvements. What’s more, Apple is leading the path on the new corporate social responsibility strategy of transparency in manufacturing.

6. He Instituted A Dividend And Buyback Plan

Apple’s cash accumulation is detestable. It is today somewhere between $150 and $200 billion. For decades, the money was lying idly in bank accounts. However, last year Tim approved a buyback and a dividend payout plan, which is a great reward for the shareholders. Experts argue that he is most likely going to repeat the same this year. This will even be better for shareholders who have currently sustained a 35 cent loss on their stock since a similar time last year, when Apple share price seemed to have hit its peak.

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