Top 10 Signs That You Made It As A Singer

 You think you’re good enough as a singer? Confident about hitting those high notes right? Well, it’s one thing to love to sing, but it’s another to be actually good at it. So, how can you tell if you’re already worthy to be called a singer? Check out this list of top 10 surefire signs that you made it as a singer and you might even be surprised to know that you possess all or at least most of these signs!

10. You Feel Good While You Sing  And Others Share The Same Feeling, Too

You Feel Good While You SingThere’s nothing in the world that can make you feel absolutely happy than to sing your heart out. Whether you’re in the shower, at the garden, in your room, or just about anywhere, singing makes you feel so good. While this is a common feeling that singing enthusiasts share, you can consider yourself as a legit singer if others also feel great when they hear you sing. After all, that’s what singing is all about – letting out every words in a song and imparting certain emotions expressed in it.

9. Your Friends  And Even Strangers  Compliment Your Singing Voice And Range

It’s a common occurrence for you to sing and receive compliments afterwards. If these kind words come from your friends, then you’re probably not so surprised since they’re naturally nice to you. However, if complete strangers actually stop, stare, and listen as you finish the whole rendition of a song, then you better be proud of yourself. It’s even more amazing if they approach you and tell you how great your singing voice is. Does this happen to you once in a while or nearly every time you sing? If so, then yep, you can count yourself as an awesome singer.

8. Random People Suggest That You Should Audition In Singing Contests

You’re cleaning the car and singing a song or two while you’re at it. Then, just out of the blue, someone you don’t even know comes up to you and suggests that you try it out in a singing contest. Freaked out? Maybe it’s better to be flattered about this great compliment. It only goes to show that this random person has been listening as you belt out a tune. And you better believe it – you’re doing it right with those notes that people notice how talented you are.

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