Top 10 Shocking Mistakes Donald Trump Has Made In His Career

5. Arrogance Of Success

Arrogance Of SuccessSuccess can at times cloud your judgment and result to fatal mistakes. Donald made the mistake of assuming that since he succeeded in one thing, he would also succeed in all the rest. We do not mean to say that moving from your comfort zone will always lead to failure but that if you have plans to explore other industries, you should do so with caution. It is simple to invest in multiple high return industries, but getting successful in areas you have no experience in is hard.

4. Telling untrue Stories

Telling untrue Stories“I heard he was a terrible student.” Donald said on Tuesday in an associated Press interview referring to barrack Obama, who earned impressive grades in Columbia and was appointed to be the editor of the prestigious Harvard Law review. “Let him show his school certificates, we don’t know anything about this man.” He said. By ranting out false stories about other people, trump undermines his credibility scores.

3. Trump University Trolls The Idea Of Education

Trump University Trolls The Idea Of EducationTrump University, is evidence that you cannot make words explode regardless of how brutally you combine opposites. The Trump University called it’s self a University, despite its lack of accreditation. In fact, the idea is similar to having a strip club claiming that It can teach neuro-surgery. Trump was later directed by the New York State Department of Education to drop the name university. The letter stated, “Use of the name university in the context you have used it is misleading and contrary to NY Education Law.” Yes. Even in New York, a city popular as home to shining spires of all financial bullshit imaginable, it is unlawful for Trump to claim he can teach you anything.

2. Blaming Military Victims Of Sixual Assault

Blaming Military Victims Of Sexual AssaultWhen Pentagon announced that the military had hit more than 26,000 unreported cases of sixual assaults per year and rising, Donald opened his mouth. He reduced the rape to a rhetorical question. He tends to believe that sixual assault is automatic when you put men and women together. That is Culprit acquittal and victim blaming combined, treating sixual assault as an unavoidable chemical reaction. Donald seems to believe that our women should accept sixual assault as part of their daily duties, and he is wrong.

1. Criticizing The Scottish And Scotch In Scotland

Criticizing The ScottishDonald decided to destroy the home of Sheila and Michael Forbes. He did not need a farm to build his golf course, but he merely did not want to see it from within his golf course. All thanks to legal systems, he was stopped and the family now lives happily in their farm. Well, these are the top 10 mistakes that Donald trump has made in his attempts to run for the presidency. Which one do you find most annoying? Do you think trump stands a chance if he decides to run for the presidency? Feel free to put your comments in the box below and let us know. You are also welcome to share this post via social media. We value interacting with our readers. Thank you.


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