Top 10 Shocking Mistakes Donald Trump Has Made In His Career

Born on 14th June 1946, Donald trump is an American investor, television personality, author and a business magnate. He is also the President and chairman of Trump entertainment resort and the Trump Organization. His outspoken manner, extravagant lifestyle, and his role on the reality TV show The Apprentice have made him ranked no. 17 in 2011 Forbes Celebrities 100 list. Unfortunately, Trump thinks shittiness is synonymous to being rich. He rants racist comments, and tells people they are lucky that he did not rip them off harder. Here are the top 10 worst mistakes Trump has made in his career. Check them out.

10. He Has Ties To Organized Crime

He Has Ties To Organized CrimeDavid Sater, the son of the infamous Russian Mobster and CEO of Bayrock Group, is Trump’s royal partner in hotel and condo deals. In 2000, Sater was named a co-conspirator in a more than $40 million fraud case that resulted in the conviction of 19 mobsters, and 19 guilty pleas from the Gambino crime family and Russian Mafia.

9. Be Inconstant

Donald Trump Be InconstantIs Trump going to be running for the presidency or not? We don’t know. He says he can’t decide until after the coming season of his TV show, thus insinuating that his show is more significant than the US presidency. In the last three campaigns, 2008, 2004, and 2000, Trump purported to be running for the US presidency but in each case, it turned out to be a commercial for something else. This is despite that fact that the first principle of winning presidency we can learn from great Americans such as Ronald Reagan, the Bushes, Jimmie Carter, Barack Obama and Bill Clinton is that one has to commit to the goal after announcing it. They all said, “Constancy of purpose is the key to success.”

8. Pander to The Lowest Common Denominator

The Lowest Common DenominatorBuy Picking up an issue such as Barrack Obama Nationality, which no serious candidate or journal considers significant, Donald is appealing to the racist fringe of the republicans. Therefore, rendering himself prone to the taunts such as comedian Andy Borowitz suggestion that D. Trump is dogged by rumors that his hair is not from the US. Due to his racist taunts, serious minded and patriotic republicans look at trump with dismay.

7. Relying On Publicity Stunts

Relying On Publicity StuntsTrump fanfare about sending investigators to Hawaii to investigate Birther issue, which has already been exhaustively investigated by the press for years, comes along as being less about shedding light on the issue, and more about creating buzz for his candidacy. Such activities can generate negative publicity for his him while undermining trust and candidacy.

6. Leaving His Area Of Expertise

Leaving His Area Of ExpertiseLet us be clear here, Just because trump is a real estate tycoon does not make him an expert on mortgages. Maybe he should leave the mortgages to likes of Wells Fargo, Distilling to Grey, and policy making to White House. If you make all of your money from one investment opportunity, chances are you will not have the industry expertise to survive when you branch out into foreign policy. Think of it as an office supply firm opening a bakery next to the printers section. Maybe trump should keep within his area of expertise. He will realize the highest growth potential there.

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