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Top 10 Reasons Why Iran Is Not A Good Place To Visit

As much as Iran may have a rich historical background dating back to the era of King Nebuchadnezzar and the Persian Empire, you should not be tempted to visit this country anytime soon for your own safety. The risks involved far outweigh any benefits that may be derived from such a trip. As much as coming alone is bad for you tagging along with your spouse or children is far much worse, they would be putting their lives on the line due to your own unwise decisions. The earlier you know about the issues affecting this country the better for you.

10. Political Instability

Iranian tour guideLeaders are fond of bickering and calling each other names and this is something that can easily cause incitement and violence, when interacting with other people specifically the natives make sure that you are not carried away by their philosophies. Remember that you are just a visitor and staying safe is the most important thing to do, if your Iranian tour guide offers a token to you in order to join their bandwagon then deny the offer, you don’t want the police to arrest you while enjoying your Vacation in Iran. The cops are quite brutal and landing into their hand should be the last thing in your mind.

9. Native Insurgency

guerilla soldiersArmed warfare between government forces and rogue militias seeking to overthrow the state are quite common, though visitors may not be specifically be targeted for acts of violence by the guerilla soldiers they are sometimes caught up in the line of fire during deadly gun exchanges from the opposing camps. These bombardments can happen anywhere and at any time when one least expects, further compounding the danger of those who are caught up in such situations.

8. Daytime Temperatures Are Too Hot

arabian desertEven if you’re carrying a sun screen lotion it won’t do any good since the country lies stark at the middle of the Arabian Desert. In short the kind of sun you experience during the afternoons back at home, is the same one you will get at 8.00 o’clock in the morning in Iraq-and it just keep getting worse as the day progresses. Things are particularly bad for those who have sensitive skin which can trigger the formation of red spots, cracks and blisters. To avoid all these problems just don’t come to Iran for your holidays, choose a different location instead.

7. Suicide Bombers

Suicide BombersSuicide bombers have a warped perception of life that they are doing Allah’s work by blowing apart innocent people, they can set bombs anywhere that they feel is convenient to them including the open street, shopping malls or bus stop where people usually congregate to run their daily errands. Such people think that by blowing up the entire place Allah would be pleased with them, and that they shall receive seven virgins upon entering paradise.

6. Hate Groups

 reportersHate groups consist of people who bear particularly deep resentments towards specific set of people, such as Caucasian visitors or reporters. They may feel like these individuals don’t deserve to be inside the country due to one reason or another, as such they would go to all extents to protect their nation even if it means eliminating these perceived threats. The is the kind of madness you are most likely to experience at Iran, as you can see there’s absolutely nothing of substance in this country. Not unless you want you to join these criminal gangs yourself.

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