Top 10 People Oprah Has Made Rich

Given that she has a net worth of $2.9 billion, there are numerous reasons why people wish and dream of being Oprah Winfrey friends. But this is not the sole reason why people wish to be Oprah’s neighbors; she is famous, and she runs an overly successful TV Talk show. Further, Oprah is not selfish; she has played kingmaker with her hangers-on, turning them into celebrities and accelerating them to the hall of fame. Here are the top 10 people Oprah has made rich.

10. Rachael Ray – Net Worth: $60 Million

Rachael RayInitially, Rachel Ray was turning heads with her sexy apron wearing photos that appeared in the Men’s lifestyle magazine, FHM in 2003. She captured the attention of Ms. Oprah in 2006. Winfrey helped Ray launch her talk show, Rachel Ray, which has so far gone in record for winning two Emmy awards in 2009 and earlier in 2008. Her estate currently includes her magazine, 20 cookbooks, a bunch of cooking products, dinnerware, and kitchenware lines. She is also the one who coined the term Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Evoo), which was added to oxford dictionary in 2007.

9. Dr. Phil – Net Worth: $245 Million

Dr. PhilIf Texas cattle ranchers did not have such a bitter beef with Oprah as they did, Dr. Phil would never have become as popular as he is. Prior to becoming a household name, Phil McGraw was a happily married father of 2 children with a P.H.D in psychology. He was also the sole owner of a successful legal consulting business. But all this changed in 1996 when he helped Oprah win a multi-million dollar lawsuit commenced against her by angry ranchers who claimed Oprah had defamed the entire industry. He soon turned into a household name all thanks to the “Tuesday with Dr. Phil’ in which Oprah, coupled with his straight talk and relationship advice, helped him win viewers. Today, Dr. Phil is a 6-time #1 New York times bestselling author, and in 2002 he launched his successful talk show where he gives advice.

8. Suze Orman – Net Worth: $35 Million

Suze OrmanThe Self-Proclaimed “financial truth crusader,” Orman Suze writes occasional columns in the O Magazine, and she was also the host of the now defunct America’s Money Class on her network. The 2 made headlines for their controversial episodes together, especially with Nadia Suleman and Octomom in 2011. Since then, Suze has become overly rich.

7. Gayle King – Net Worth: $20 Million

Gayle King1 thing we can all agree is that without Winfrey, no one would have known about Gayle king. She was initially a CBS  This Morning co-founder, and editor for the O, and Oprah Magazine. She was also a regular guest on Good Morning America and The Oprah Winfrey show. King also made special correspondent. Recently, she made headlines when she was snapped aboard Oprah’s Yacht as they headed for a vacation in the Virgin Islands. Noticeably absent was oprah’s partner of more than 30 years, Graham Steadman.

6. Dr. Oz – Net Worth: $14 Million

Dr. OzThere is no medical complication that Dr. Mehmet Oz won’t handle. He first made news with regular appearances on Winfrey’s talk show. However, he has been overly criticized by some for giving non-scientific advice and his support for pseudoscience. This has not kept him from being one of the most popular doctors around. Today in its 6th season, The Doctor Oz show has seen moderate success and has won him a couple of accolades.

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