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Top 10 Most Shocking Discoveries Of All Time

Scientist don’t have the words to explain some of the phenomena they discover, all around the world there are moments in history that seem to stop as researchers uncover treasures untold. It’s estimated that the earth is roughly 4 billion years old. Throughout its existence various life forms have inhabited the surface, ranging from the tiniest microbes to creatures so gargantuan that a full-grown eucalyptus tree may seem like a shrub before them.

10. Megaladon

MegaladonMegaladon is a monstrous shark species that roamed the seas during the ancient Cenozoic Era, approximately 26 to 1.5 million years ago. According to jaw remains that have been uncovered from the ocean floor, this creature was so large that it could swallow a whole rhinoceros at one go without flicking. In fact, scholars believe a mature adult measured at least 50 tons making it the largest creature of its kind to have ever existed. Only the sperm whale rivals this shark in size when compared to today’s carnivores of the sea, however when it comes to viciousness Megalodon definitely takes the day. From the massive amounts of early whale bones found on the ocean floor, it’s evident that this creature was a vicious predator.

9. Spinosauraus

SpinosaurausSpinosaurus was the largest ever predatory dinosaur that lived in antiquity, for many years people thought that T. Rex was the most colossal creature but this discovery totally absolves that perception. It used to reside in North Africa along the banks of Mediterranean Sea and River Nile, some archeologists believe that it was semi aquatic similar to modern-day crocodiles, though it could walk better on land than the crocs. The most distinctive features of this ancient monster are rainbow-shaped cones on its back, and of course the long strong snout packed with an arsenal of teeth.

8. Kepler-186f

Kepler-186fAstronomers working on project Kepler space mission have discovered an earthlike planet in the so-called “goldilocks zone.” This is a region that’s not too far nor too close to the planet’s star, allowing liquid water to exist on the surface and hence support life as we actually know it. However, Kepler-186f’s overall mass has not yet been ascertained and there’s doubt as to whether the planet has a rocky or gaseous atmosphere. If this universe has a mass that is equal to or less than 50%, then the surface is probably solid and the opposite is also true.

7. Giant Underground Ocean In The Earth’s Core

Giant Underground Ocean In The Earth’s CoreMost people only know the water masses that can physically be seen on the map namely the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian oceans. Nonetheless, there’s a greater piece of ocean lurking below the earth’s surface, it could explain the reason why sea levels have always remained constant since time immemorial despite shifting environmental conditions. Researchers believe that it’s this underground reservoir that replenishes the oceans with water, guaranteeing the sustenance of life in these deeps.

6. Alignment Of Giza Pyramids To Orion Constellation And The Planets

Alignment Of Giza Pyramids To Orion Constellation And The PlanetsEgypt is without a doubt the most baffling land on earth, the ancient constructions and architectural blueprints found here often leave researchers with more questions than answers. For instance, the planets Mercury, Mars and Venus are known to align themselves at an angle similar to the 3 Giza Pyramids once in every 2,737 years. The last time this phenomenal occurred was only recently on December 3rd 2012, the geometry skills presented here are simply out of this world. In addition, the three stars that make the Orion belt are also perfectly aligned to these pyramids inch for inch.

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