Top 10 Most Popular Dance Moves

Throughout the last few decades and great rise of music that has great beats and it’s completely great for various dance moves have been really immense. It has really caused a major frenzy in our society and there are various very famous and popular dance styles that have become very iconic, such as jive or even can-can. In last few years of rise of popular music, there are many dances that have really caught our eyes, such as Michael Jackson’s iconic moonwalk or even Shakira’s belly dance. Here are 10 of the most popular dance moves that marked 2013 year.

10. Shuffling

On the number 10 spot of most popular dance moves of 2013 is shuffling, which had its peak in 2011 and 2012 as a main results of various popular shuffling songs, such as Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO which main theme was in fact shuffling. This hip and fun dance moves have really set up various dance and night clubs all over the world and really brought big hype amongst the dancing enthusiasts. LMFAO, electronic pop duo which includes Redfoo and Sky Blu has really instigated this type of dance move onto the mainstream dance masses. The most popular songs intended for shuffling are certainly Party Rock Anthem and Sexy and I know it, which are great hits from LMFAO group.

9. Cotton Eye Joe

One of the very popular dance moves is also certainly a Cotton Eye Joe which mostly came as a dance known for its same named song by band called Rednecks. It’s village and slick vibe truly gives this song a great dance moves to implement on the dance floors all over the country and it has become one of the fan favorites. Cotton Eye Joe is still one of the most popular and funniest dancing moves that are still considered widely popular even when there’s more than 1 decade past this song’s release.

8. Macarena

Macarena is also an extremely popular dance which was mostly influenced by song by Los Del Rio which is also called a Macarena. This particular dance move is mostly famous for its uniqueness, simplicity and sheer excitement while doing it. It is very easy to perfect this dance when compared to other more complex dances, and even though it is not very complicated to learn it still looks very modern and attractive to attract masses on dance floor when Macarena shows up in the party or any club.

7. The John Wall

John Wall dance is an extremely popular, yet very easy to learn dance mostly performed by twisting your wrist and flexing with your arms. Idea for this dance has purely become by John Wall, who was greatly influenced by music video from Kenzo’s song called Do the Shizz and this dance is currently very popular and it actually integrated itself into modern pop culture. This dance is also widely known as The Shizz and it certainly revolutionized and popularized contemporary dance moves.

6. The Bernie

Bernie dance has become an incredibly popular dance move in last few years, and mostly when its popularity was on peak in 2009. It is a simple dancing style which can be easily performed by leaning one head back and wobbling with your loosely held arms. The whole movement fully resembles the movie character called Bernie Lomax from a famous 1990s comedy.


Even though this dance is highly regarded as just a fun and silly dance and it has often been ridiculed, it is actually a still very popular dance amongst the masses. This dance purely comes from Village People song which was called YMCA and had a unique dance moves within itself. Song was released in late 1970s and it was a major hit all across the world, and it has since then become one of the most popular simple dance moves until this very day.

4. The Wobble

This dance is a very popular line dance mostly performed on various wedding receptions and various clubs. This move is very straightforward and has become one of the favorite club moves since it is very simple to learn, yet it looks very elegant and slick. Wobble is very popular in last few years and there are various version of wobble, since it is very free type of dancing which is probably the reason behind its full success.

3. The Dougie

The Dougie has become an immensely popular hip hop dance which is performed by moving your body in a very shimmy style which features passing hand through or even near your hair. There is simply no defined or most right way to perform this dance, and every individual performer can put its own variations of this dance. This dance is still one of the most popular dance moves in whole world, and its peak was certainly in 2010 and 2011 after Cali Swag District song called Teach Me How To Dougie was released. The whole music video featured various variations of the dougie and it was a massive hit on Billboard hip hop charts.

2. The Cat Daddy

The Cat Daddy has become one of the most popular and second most searched dance move in whole 2013. This very unique dance involves squatting down and slow movement of your arms, and when all of that is done properly it looks like you are in wheel chair. It has also become a great add-on for famous The Dougie dance and it has featured on various dance competitions over the course of last few years.

1. Gangnam Style

And on the number 1 spot unsurprisingly there is place for Gangnam Style dance, which is a famous dance move from PSY song called Gangnam Style which basically marked the whole 2013 year. That was by far the most popular song of 2013 and it also surpassed the record and currently is the video that has the most views on whole youtube, with over 1.85 billion views on one video. The whole dance of Gangnam Style was invented by PSY and the whole dance move looks like riding of a horse with added few of the very fun dance moves which made this dance incredibly popular and an absolute king of dance moves in 2013.

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