Top 10 Most Annoying Things About Kardashians You Don’t Know

The E! Network, early this week, agreed to renew Kardashian’s reality TV series, “Keeping up with the Kardashians,” for 3 more seasons. The deal is rumored to be worth an estimated $40 million, making it the largest and most profitable deal in the history of reality TV shows. Winning this deal is an additional reason the Kardashians are the most annoying and hated family on earth. Sadly, they will be on TV screens irritating viewers for another 3 years. From Khloe’s big feet and mouth to Kim’s fake wedding publicity, let us examine top ten annoying things about the Kardashians. Here is the countdown;

10. Scott Disick Is A Proud Weasel

Scott Disick Is A Proud WeaselDelete the “Si” from his 2nd name, and that is what Disick is. Despised by everyone, including members of his family who view him as a loser, Kourtney’s husband is a supercilious, pompous D-list celebrity. The sole reason he is famous is because he is featured on the show due to his marrying a Kardashian. To make matters worse, he has the guts to brag constantly about how wealth he is, flaunting his Miami and Rolls Royce Vice-like clothing in people’s eyes. He is unemployed and still thinks he is the hottest thing since the microwave.

9. Short Term Public Relationships

Short Term Public RelationshipsAs of to-date, Kardashians have dated almost every celebrity in the planet. Their affairs always make top headlines, but rarely last more than a week or a couple of months. For instance, Kim is notorious for jumping from one male celebrity to another in just a snap of a finger. She has dated Miles Austin, NFL stars Reggie Bush, R$B singer Ray J. and of course you cannot forget her seventy-two days marriage to Kris Humphries, an NBA player. She is currently rumored to be dating K. West, but we all know the relationship will not last till summer.

8. Khloe Kardashian And Kris Jenner Are Kim’s Wannabes

Khloe Kardashian And Kris JennerWe already have 1 Kim Kardashian, and we do not need 2 more. Kim’s sister and mother try their best to outshine her, and force themselves to the spotlight. Recently, in honor of her son’s twenty-fifth birthday, Jenner posted a photo of her body semi-naked during her pregnancy with Rob. This nude pregnant photo came just days after Kim tweeted a topless photo of herself. Further, the 56 years old mum is not shy of putting on clothes that look like they were snatched from Kim’s closet. Her late Endorsements, TV appearances, and breast enhancements show how desperate she is of the attention her daughter is receiving across the globe. Similarly, Kholoe also tries very hard to impersonate Kim. Since she appears to copy all that Kim does, do not be surprised if you find yourself watching a six tape of her and Lamar soon.

7. Bruce Jenner Is Weird And Wimpy

Bruce Jenner Is Weird And WimpyBruce Jenner, grandfather of Kholoe, Kim, Rob Kardashian and Kourtney, is today a shadow of her former magnificent self. He lacks the confidence and courage that saw him scoop the medal for decathlon in Montreal 1976 Summer Olympics. In “Keeping up with the Kardashians” he is overruled by women on the show, and rarely has the final say or word on matters. Both his daughter and step-daughters disrespect him, and his wife Kris Jenner controls him.

6. They Are Stuck Up, Rich And FamousThey Are Rich And Famous

Ordinary people wake up each morning, head to work, and work from 9 to 6. However, Kardashians do not even know what work means. They arise each day, and they are given millions of dollars for allowing cameras to follow them around while they are buying clothes, rolling around in luxury cars, and going to clubs. They are spoilt and expect the world to revolve around them. They will do almost everything to gain fame like pose for nude magazine covers, date old men with billions, and hold TV wedding specials. It is too sad that Kylie and Kendall Jenner are following up on their sisters, driving around in range rover sports and generating much publicity using their jewelry lines.

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