Top 10 Little Known Facts About Willie Robertson Of Duck Dynasty

Born on April 22nd, 1972, Jess Willie Robertson is an American business person, TV personality, author, hunter and outdoorsman. He is most popular for his ownership of the firm Duck Commander and his role on the reality TV show Duck Dynasty, which airs on A&E. But is this all there is to know about Willie Robertson? No! Here is a list of the top 10 little known facts about Willie Robertson of Duck Dynasty. Check it out.

10. He’s The CEO And Chairman Of Duck Commander

 CEO And Chairman Of Duck CommanderDuck Commander, a family business, is based in Willies home city of East Monroe, Louisiana. Their estates started by manufacturing top quality duck decoys and calls from salvaged swamp wood. Duck told Best of New Orleans that their reality TV show had impacted their family business greatly. He said, “Since the launch of the show, business has been overwhelming. We have a lot of orders, a lot of online clients and a lot of people coming to our offices.” He said. “Most of the clients are flowing in from U.S. and Canada. They are coming in to try and catch a glimpse of where we shoot and all that stuff. They are buying a couple of items, and this is good.” Willie said

9. He Met His Wife At Grade-School Summer Camp

Met His Wife At Grade-School Summer CampRobertson married Korie 1 year after high school. They later went to college together. In an interview with Ask Men, Robertson discussed the merits of marrying young. He said, “I would advise young people to marry early. This way you won’t have a lot of baggage to carry. Your mind and memories will be in one place. Everything you will have, you will have built together.” In the same interview, “He narrated the couple’s sweet story saying, “Korie and I first met in a summer youth camp. I was in the 4th grade, and she was in the 3rd grade. We had gone out on a hike, and I asked her to hold hands. Surprisingly, we went to different schools; I was in a public school, and she was in private. However, we always saw each other during the annual Christian youth camp.”

8. He Has 5 Kids, But Only 3 Are Biological

He Has 5 KidsHis family includes Sadie, Willie Jr., Bella, John Luke, and Rebecca, an exchange from Taiwan whom Robertson adopted. Willie Jr. is also an adopted child. Korie and Willie adopted him when he was 5 weeks old. When Touch Weekly asked Willie if he could adopt another child, he said, “Sure, there are a lot of kids who needs homes. That is why we are all there. We have both biological children and adopted children, and there is no difference in them.” Via his hit show, Roberson hopes to send a message that his family is tight knit. He said to ABC, “I have seen enough train wrecks on TV. It is great to watch a family that can happily sit down, enjoy a meal and watch TV.”

7. His Book Is A Bestseller

His Book Is A BestsellerIn 2012, Korie and Willie wrote the title, The Duck Commander Family; How Faith, Family, and Ducks Built a Dynasty. It gives their fans an in-depth look into the Robertson family and business. In one commercial, Willie promoted his books saying, “From flying frogs legs to scrambling squirrel brains to pigging ducks, my family has done and eaten it all. By reading out our new title, The Duck Commander Family, you will see it all. In 2012, the book emerged as one of the best-selling. It is clear that Willie knows business, but it is not a surprise if you recall that he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in health and human performance; with key emphasis on business.

6. He Made A Cameo In God’s Not Dead

Made A Cameo In God’s Not DeadIn the film God’s Not Dead, Korie and Willie makes a cameo. In the movie, they are asked how they fell when people say they feel offended by the family prayer time in their show, he said; “We are not striving to offend people. As far as we know, prayers, and our life belong to Jesus. The fame, money and success are all temporary. Even this life is temporary. Only Christ is eternal.”

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