Top 10 Little Known Facts About Mark Zuckerberg; The Facebook Genius

5. Mark Zuckerberg Is Colour Blind

Mark Zuckerberg Is Colour BlindMark, the youngest billionaire in the planet, is colour blind. He can’t see green and red colours. The only colour he can see in details is blue. This is one of the major reasons why Facebook is blue. Despite this shortcoming, Mark has used his life in such a way that he has changed the world. He has inspired 1 out of every 7 people to use his invention; Facebook.

4. Mark Zuckerberg Does Not Own A Television

Mark Zuckerberg Does Not Own A TelevisionIn this age where we can hardly imagine ourselves without movies, it is surprising to hear that one does not own a TV. However, when this fact is about Mark Zuckerberg, it becomes even more astonishing. Yes, Zuckerberg never owned a TV his entire life. He prefers Fencing and tennis over TV. Maybe he thinks of watching TV as a complete waste of time.

3. Mark Zuckerberg Loves His Dog

Mark Zuckerberg Loves His DogMark owns a dog known as the beast, and he loves it so much. It is a Hungarian species. What is even more surprising about his dog is that it has its own Facebook page. Guess how many friends it has? I’ll bet, more than you have. Beast helped Priscilla Zuckerberg walk down the aisle. But being escorted down the aisle by a dog is not the only stunning thing about Mark & Priscilla’s wedding’ Mark personally designed her wedding ring. It was indeed a nice one with a ruby in the middle and 2 diamonds on the left and the right. But some people have argued that it is far too less than what one would expect from a billionaire. Yes, wedding is a lifetime engagement and one that should be given due attention. We agree that Mark could have gone for something more valuable. The Daily Mail’ tells that the ring had a relatively small germ, and that is why it has attracted so much criticism.

2. He Signed The Giving Pledge

Signed The Giving PledgeIn 2010, Mark signed the giving pledge which is simply a promise to donate 50% of his personal wealth or more during his lifetime, or after his death to charity and humanitarian causes. It was commenced by Warren buffet and Microsoft founder Bill Gates. According to Forbes, Facebook’s CEO Sheryl Sandberg also joined in Last Week.

1. Mark Zuckerberg Is Not At All Interested In Money

Mark Zuckerberg Is Not At All Interested In MoneyMost people know Zuckerberg because he is a Billionaire. However, Mark has repeatedly said he did not establish Facebook in order to make money. One of his famous citations reads, “Simply explained, we did not create Facebook to make money. Rather, we make money to provide better services.” This is one of the best things a billionaire could ever say and it is the reason we have put his point at the top of the list.

Well, these are the top 10 little known facts about Mark Zuckerberg. Which one do you find most surprising? Are there more facts you would like to share with us? Feel free to put your comments in the box below and let the world hear you opinion. You are also most welcome to share this post through social media.

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