Top 10 Little Known Facts About Mark Zuckerberg; The Facebook Genius

Mark Zuckerberg believes that if we shy away from taking risks in our lives, we are doomed to fail. When he co-founded Facebook, nobody ever imagined that it would be such a huge hit. He took a risk, and the result is that he became a billionaire. Even old companies such as Disney and Ford are not big sensation compared to Face-book. In this article, we will examine top 10 little known facts about Mark; the Facebook Genius. Check them out

10. Before Facebook, Mark Had Built Zucknet

Mark Had Built ZucknetIf you have ever bothered to read Mark’s profile, this fact may not be very astonishing to you. It is mentioned in his Facebook profile that he had built a network called Zucknet; which was meant to connect his family. It was a site via which the receptionist would ping his father, and the kids in the family would just have their fan. It is evident that Mark wished to connect the entire world right from when he was a small boy: Long before developing Facebook.

9. He Wore A Tie For More Than 1 Year

Mark Zuckerberg Wore A Tie For More Than 1 YearHave you ever put on a tie daily for more than a year? Well, we guess you have not, but Mark did. Each year, Zuckerberg sets himself a self-improvement goal. In 2012, his goal was to put on a tie each day. Of course, if you have been following him closely, you must have noted that he customarily put on t-shirts, hoodies, jeans, and Adidas Sandals. Wearing a tie on daily basis for someone of his taste may seem impossible but mark wore one for a whole year. When he was asked the motivation behind his goal he said, “I wanted to signal to the universe that 2012 was a serious year for Facebook. We had witnessed a fall in our stock price owing to the global financial crises that paralysed the global economy. I wanted to signal that Facebook was taking things serious, and it was a viable investment.”

8. Mark Zuckerberg Is A College Dropout

Mark Zuckerberg Is A College DropoutThese days it is not surprising to come across financially successful guys who are college dropouts. However, not many would know this fact. It was in California that Facebook was initiated by Zuckerberg and before that; he was pursuing a course from Harvard University. As soon as Facebook started picking, Mark dropped studies to work full time on his invention.

7. He Used To List Zuckerberg As His Favorite Show

He Used To List Zuckerberg As His Favorite ShowThis changed after he learned that The West Wing script was written by Sorkin Aaron who also wrote the ficational movie about Facebook’s cofounding, “The Social Network.”

6. Mark IS A Sci-Fi Fan

Mark IS A Sci-Fi FanFor our readers who do not know what Sci-fi is about, it is a novel where a kid gradually runs to play computer games and finally masters them on his own. The kid is not any ordinary one, but the talented. This might be the main reason why mark considers it a crucial part of his story. We don’t know the actual reason why he likes it, but Zuckerberg is an ardent fan of this novel. As outlined on his Facebook page, one of his favourite novels is Enders Game, which is nothing but Sci-Fi novel.

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