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Top 10 Lethal Diseases Everyone should be Awared of

Human body is enabled by nature to face a number of different conditions. But some of the lethal diseases had become more powerful than the potential of the human body to end up in its fatality. First thing is to recognize the disease through its symptoms and the causes of these diseases can be avoided if you know their causes. Brief information about some of the lethal diseases is provided hereunder to understand them and be cautious about them.

10. Lower Respiratory Infection

Lower respiratory infectionProper breathing is essential for you to live healthy. But it can get affected due to lower respiratory infection known as bronchitis and pneumonia. Headache and sore throat, runny nose and sneezing are some of the common symptoms of this disease. Mostly children are affected severely due to this respiratory disease. It can be fatal for them as it can not be diagnosed easily unless patient’s lungs get infected with its bacteria. You can save the life of the patient if the problem is diagnosed and treated well in time.

9. Diarrhea

DiarrheaDiarrhea is one of the most unpleasant and lethal diseases which make you rush to the toilet leaving your very important appointment in lurch. Watery or loose stool is normally known as diarrhea which is caused due to indigestion of the food eaten by you. Though this disease normally lasts for two or three days but if it prolongs for more days it may cause dehydration due to excessive excretion of electrolytes and other important fluids from your body. This can be a fatal condition if not cared in time. This should be taken care of seriously.

8. Malaria

MalariaMost of the people experience mosquito bites during summer but some of them may experience Malaria due to the bites of some infectious mosquitoes. The transmission of some parasitic germs into human body through the sting of infectious mosquito can cause the infection of malaria disease. These parasitic genes travel to your liver after infection to nature there. They release other parasites, after getting matured in you liver, infect your red blood cells by entering into your bloodstream. The rapid growth of these parasitic genes shows its affect after about a year. Large number of malaria patients die all over the world every year.

7. COPD Or Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

COPDIt is one of the lethal diseases that make the breathing difficult. It is caused by two types of lung problems – chronic bronchitis and emphysema. In chronic bronchitis it becomes difficult to breath for the patient as he coughs for long time with excessive mucous. Emphysema is the destructive condition of the lungs which occurs after their long time infection. Smoking for long time is also the main reason of this deadly disease. Most of the COPD patients experience both type of lung infections.

6. Lung Cancers And Bronchitis

Lung cancers and bronchitisThis is one of the diseases that are caused by the use of nicotine products like smoking cigarettes etc. The genes of this disease enter into your lungs as you smoke more and more cigarettes for long time. the risk of lung cancer increases with the passage of time not only to the smokers but also the non-smokers or passive smokers who spend most of their time in the company of smokers. You can avoid the risk of occurrence of this deadly disease by keeping yourself away from the cigarettes or smokers.

5. Heart Diseases

Heart DiseasesIf your heart does not get enough oxygen and blood then a number of heart problems are experienced by people. It is caused due to blockage in the veins supplying oxygen and blood to your heart. It can be one of the most lethal diseases if not treated properly and in time. This disease affects both the genders, male and female, with same intensity. High blood pressure, obesity and diabetes are some of the other diseases that help in increasing the risk of this fatal disease.

4.Perinatal Diseases

Perinatal diseasesInfections, severe bleeding/hemorrhaging, obstructed labor, eclampsia and unsafe abortions are some of the different problems that are experienced by women during pregnancy and child birth which can create fatal conditions for them. The perinatal complications experienced by pregnant women can also be equally risky for the new born babies as they may suffer from the problems of low weight at the time of birth which may be fatal for them. Poor maternal health and lack of nutrition are the main reasons of these problems.

3. Tuberculosis

TuberculosisFever, Mucous, weight loss, fatigue and excessive sweating are some of the main symptoms of this one of the popular lethal diseases experienced by people since long. Tuberculosis or TB is caused due to infection from contagious bacteria that attack on your lungs at first and there after spread over other parts of your body. Symptoms of this disease may remain inactive in the body of the patient for many years and can show its affect thereafter in some cases.

2. HIV/Aids

HIV(Aids)It is one of the chronic life threatening health conditions that became obvious after 1980 and had affected the humanity at large since then. Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) spreads through a very minute bug that can not be recognized through open eye but it drastically weakens the immune system of your body in such a manner that it becomes unable to fight even the simplest kind of health problems like common cold and can cause death if not controlled in time. The body cells needed to fight the diseases, T cells and CD4 cells, get affected by this virus and loose their disease fighting power.

1. Cardiovascular Disease

Cardiovascular DiseaseCardiovascular disease or Stroke is another one of the most lethal diseases that end with the person. Blockage of the flow of blood to your brain is the main reason of this disease. The deficiency of blood and oxygen even for few seconds can damage it permanently causing death of the patient. High blood pressure is one of the most effective problems that encourage your brain to stroke. You should keep your blood flow smooth to remain healthy for long.

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