Top 10 Lame and Common Lies All Students Tell

Being a student at one point is one of the best sources of fun. The case is so since you will not require hustling a lot in life as everything is provided. However, the same student life can be really harmful to your inner person. This is because a lot of students develop a habit of telling lies which work contrary to their study mission.

The truth is that every student tells a certain lie either to a friend or even to themselves. The worst thing you can ever do when in a student life is lying to yourself and more so to your friends on matters that are of paramount importance in school. Below are ten lies that the greatest percentage of students tell:

10. I Will For Sure Attend My 8am Class

I Will For Sure Attend My 8am ClassLaziness happens to be one of the most common traits among students. It is only true that majority of the students do not have the strength to wake up early in readiness for classes. They always value sleep more than what took them to school. Only a few students manage to wake up early and attend early classes. It is therefore clear that once a student tells you that they will attend an 8am class, then high chances are that they will not keep their word hence a lie.

9. I Am The trending Casanova

I don’t know where students get the perception that once they are admitted to school, everything else is about hunting men and women for females and males respectively. The worst part of it is that most students have already embraced the trend. They therefore think of nothing but people of opposite sex. One of the lies that each student tells himself/herself is that there is no other person who can surpass their Casanova games. This is never so. The likelihood of winning every person’s heart is literally impossible.

8. I understand Teacher

This is actually one of the most common that every student tells. As a matter of fact, any person who has been a student at one point can be accused of telling this lie. It is important to bear in mind that understanding every bit of your lectures can be to some point impossible.In most cases, the syllabus covered at any level of education is usually comprehensive and a lot of clarifications are required along the studies. It is therefore important to note as a teacher that a student cannot digest everything even when they claim that they have.

7. I Got held Up In Traffic

I Got held Up In TrafficWell, in a student’s life, there will always be traffic regardless imaginary or real. This happens to be one of the clinging lies that most students tell any time a lecture threatens to throw them out of class for lateness. It is just unbelievable that some students even cry when trying to explain how heavy the traffic was even when there was nothing at all. Good actors, huh?

In a different note, students can claim that a certain accident happened and blocked the way hence the long delay to class. This may backfire on you after you realize that your lecturer is actually a brother or family relative to the area traffic commandant. Traffic, traffic, traffic may not be an ideal excuse to cling on as a student.

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