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Top 10 Health Issues That Affect Most People

Bad lifestyle choices and many environmental factors together contribute to health issues among men, women and children. Complete understanding of the common ailments which affects most people around the world may aid in preventing them. Though visiting doctor on a regular basis is recommended especially for people who are not so concerned about their health, some health problems may be fixed at home through various natural remedies and over the counter medicines. Here is a list of top 10 health issues which affected most people in the last few decades:

10. Lupus

Lupus IssuesLupus has emerged as one of the most commonly found health disorders and is caused due to improper functioning of the immune system. It is an autoimmune disease in which the body attacks its own healthy tissues and causes irreversible damage to any part of the body including organs, joints and even skin. Moreover, it is a chronic disease which means the symptoms generally lasts from a few weeks to many years. Lupus is not transmitted from one person to another and is completely non contagious. Proper treatment from an expert physician may help in combating the disease, but in lack of treatment the disease can be life threatening.

 9. Rash

Rash IssuesRashes are minor irritations on skin which causes redness, itching and inflammation. It is commonly found in people of all age groups and most of the time it can be treated by over the counter topical skin creams as well as home treatments. It is generally caused when your skin is not healthy enough to combat with the impurities present in the environment. Any contact with a substance like certain plants, cosmetics, fabrics, jewelry and even some medicines which cause skin irritation triggers rash on the skin. It can also be chronic like acne, psoriasis and eczema and may need proper treatment for fighting back.

8. Allergies

Allergies IssuesAllergies is another health issue caused due to reaction of immune system against certain foreign bodies like pollens, cat dander and dust mites. When such allergens invade the body, immune system is triggered which results in sneezing, runny nose and even swelling. In some people its takes the form of allergic asthma leading to tightening of muscles near airways causing difficulty in breathing. It is always best to avoid contact with such allergens if you are sensitive to allergy. Proper treatment may help in fighting the symptoms.

7. Back Pain

Back Pain IssuesBack pain is yet another common health problems faced by an increasing number of people. Almost 70-80 percent of people will have this problem at least once in their lives. Back pain may have a number of causes starting from an inflammation in spine to stressful job and strenuous physical works. Sedentary lifestyles and obesity may also result in back pain putting much strain on a particular part of the spine. Other causes are age, pregnancy, anxiety, depression, strenuous exercise and even smoking. The symptom varies from pain in lower and upper back to numbness in area near the spine. Treatment is decided over the main cause of back pain. Sometimes lying down or resting helps but severe case may require immediate medical attention.

6. Diet

Diet issuesPoor eating habits and trendy diets cause much harm to the body. In lack of proper nutrition your body is not able to function properly. Poor diet thus causes a number of ailments like high blood pressure, heart diseases, type 2 diabetes, constipation and even diabetes. Eating food less in nutrition and high in fat may result in obesity multiplying health problems. Many food experts thus advice to eat healthy food instead of choosing junk food and live a healthy and better life.

5. Balance

balance problemBalance disorders have risen among people who have certain health conditions like a problem in inner ear and brain. The symptoms include light headedness, blurred vision, feeling of falling and even dizziness. For a normal balance there should be proper functioning of muscles, joints, central nervous system and cardiovascular system. If a person is affected with disorders of any of these organ systems, he may lose balance. A head injury or a probable infection of ear often causes balance disorders. After a complete examination of the cause of balance problem, a doctor is able to treat it with medications, changes in diet and lifestyle.

4. Diarrhea

Diarrhea issueDiarrhea is a digestive disorder which affects almost every person and even causes severe symptoms in many. It is characterized by watery or loose stools which may or may not cause stomach pains. The common causes are bacterial infection also known as food poisoning, food allergies, intestinal diseases, hyperthyroidism, diabetes, surgery of digestive tract and even malabsorption. The minor symptoms of diarrhea may be treated with over the counter medicines and control on eating whereas in some cases treatment is required to get rid of the health problem.

3. Labor

labor leading to birthLabor is a process of contraction of uterus to give birth to the fetus. Each year, a large number of women face problems in labor which results in preterm labor leading to birth of premature baby. There could by many underlying causes of such preterm labor like high blood pressure, chronic diseases, infections, weight of baby or rupture of amniotic sac. Under such circumstances the baby born is premature and is kept in neonatal units until it is fully grown. If diagnosed early proper medication may ease the pain and avoid any health hazard to both mother and child.

2. Cold

Cold problemAlmost every person is affected by cold at least once or twice a year. It is a result of an infection caused due to virus in the upper respiratory tract. It is highly contagious and spreads from one person to another. The main symptoms include soreness in throat, coughing, sneezing and stuffy nose. It begins after 3-4 days of the infection and lasts for about 2-15 days. Treatment includes gargling with warm salt water, cough drops or over the counter cold medicines.

1. Flu

Flu issueInfluenza or flu is the most common health issue faced by people. It is caused by virus and has similar symptoms like cold, but it is also characterized by high fever, diarrhea, weakness, nausea and vomiting for several days. There are mainly three type of virus named influenza A, B and C virus. Yearly vaccination may help in preventing this contagious disease. It sometimes outbreaks as a epidemic in certain geographical area affecting large number of people at one time. Although there is immunization available for type A and B, no vaccine for type C virus is available. Treatment includes plenty of rest, preventing dehydration and over the counter fever relief. People who have breathing problems or worsened flu symptoms should seek immediate medical attention.

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