Top 10 Best New Vacuum Cleaner Buying Review On The Market For 2014

Vacuum cleaners have made life easier. Gone are the days when you have to sweep the floor and clean the doors and windows with a broom and then wipe with a mop. Vacuum cleaners remove even the tiniest dirt. Vacuum cleaners are a blessing for a clean and healthy home.

10. Dirt Devil Quick Lite Upright Vacuum

Dirt Devil Quick Lite Upright VacuumIts light weight is its biggest plus. Its light weight helps you to carry it easily and clean your home thoroughly. The dirt cup at the bottom can be emptied without any difficulty. Just remove the canister and dump the dirt in the trash. It is easy to assemble too. The price is very cheap when compared many other vacuum cleaners available in the market. Although it is small in size it is very powerful and it sucks the dirt hungrily. The main con is that it cannot be used for carpet cleaning.

9. BISSELL Zing Bagless Vacuum

BISSELL Zing Bagless VacuumThis canister vacuum is suitable for cleaning all types of surfaces because the suction speed can be controlled.. It can clean hard floors , soft rugs and delicate curtains efficiently. It is easy to operate. All you need to do is to flip a switch to operate this vacuum cleaner. There are no bags to be removed and replaced. This is a big advantage. It can collect very fine dust because of the three-stage filtration feature. The dirt collected in the cup can be emptied easily. The detachable canister helps in easy cleaning places that are hard to reach.

8. Shark Rocket Upright

Shark Rocket UprightThe Rocket technology ensures ultimate performance. There is an extra wand that can be released quickly. This helps in cleaning surfaces above floor. The filters are washable. There are two speeds to choose from for the brush cleaning. This makes it suitable for deep cleaning carpets, delicate cleaning of rugs and gentle cleaning of tiled floors. It can be stored easily because it has a wall mount. You need not worry about allocating storage space. The major minus is that it is heavy to carry.

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