Top 10 Best Makeup Tips For A Sexier Look

Makeup is one of the best ways for any woman to emphasize on certain aspects of her beauty in a way that benefits her the most. There are literally hundreds of types of makeup the ladies can consider either for when they want to go for a walk or maybe for when they want to participate to a special event or just go to work. However, the article below will talk about none of the above, since it will focus only on the top 10 best Makeup For Sexier Looking tips.

10. Smoky Metallic Eyes

Smoky Metallic EyesSmokey eyes are definitely sexy and they are a good way to attract the attention of the opposite sex. To put on this wonderful makeup, one needs to rim her eyes using black liner and then brush a charcoal shadow over the lids and then into the crease. Lastly, in order to emphasize even more on the eyes, women should apply a copper shade with a hint of shimmer and they’ll get that unique sexy look that will make hearts stop. What is special about this type of makeup is that it can be easily applied at home and at the same time it also takes around ten minutes to consider.

9. Wine Red Lips

Wine Red LipsWine red lips are characteristic of women who have a lot of self confidence and want to be watched, appreciated and complimented. In order to create this look, the ladies need to use a bold wine red lipstick and apply it carefully on their lips and then complete their look by using pale blush and shadow. Adding a dab of clear gloss in the middle of the bottom lip will make for a very impressive look which is sure to hypnotize any man daring to lock eyes with such a beautiful goddess.

8. Smudgy Black Shadow

Smudgy Black ShadowA liner that is drawn precisely doesn’t demonstrate sex appeal, but actually a good amount of skill. Because of that, ladies who want to look sexy should consider using a liquid liner instead of a black shadow and that is because it’s very simple to diffuse and blend. The powder needs to be applied gently on the lower and upper lash lines, continuing with the outer corners. Sharp edges can be obscured by using a wet brush which will complete the look. This makeup is generally recommended for a casual look and can be successfully used by anyone who wants to look great even when they decide to take a simple walk.

7. Monochrome Eyes And Lips

Monochrome Eyes And LipsMany people believe that basics are boring and whether or that is true, things don’t need to be this way. Ladies who want to have a flirty and fresh look should first of all consider sticking to the neutral shades. For example, one can easily emphasize on the eyes without overpowering them by using a light shadow and light brown eyeliner. Even better, the look can be finished with a swipe of peachy lipstick to make for a just-bitten and pretty flush.

6. Dramatic Lashes

Dramatic LashesLashes have been given a lot of attention, especially in the movies where they always have the power to seduce and hypnotize men. Ladies are fully aware of the fact that having long eyelashes their chances of impressing the man they love are going to increase a lot and that is why many of them would do anything to get them. To increase the batting average, ladies should consider using different coats of mascara. However, they can also go for a wide eyed effect and the way to do this is to opt out of using the liner and fattening up the upper lashes alone.

5. Floral Matte Lipstick

Floral Matte LipstickThe lips are one of the most cherished assets of a lady and that is why many of them use different types of lipstick in order to emphasize on their sensuality. For a romantic, yet sexy look, it’s recommended that ladies make use of delicate shades of pink, while vibrant coral and reds venture into hothouse territory. When applying the lipstick, it’s recommended to start from the middle of the lips and carefully drawing out the lipstick out towards the corners by using a lip brush. This way the ladies will avoid adding unwanted volume to the lips.

4. Flushed Cheeks

Flushed CheeksFor a believable and flattering flush, ladies can consider applying a cream blush and for a change, get someone else’s blood pumping. For a dewy and bright finish, they should also apply cheek cream in fuchsia and rub some Stila Convertible Color Dial Lip which will make them look very fresh and give a new meaning to the word “sexy“.

3. Defined Brows

Defined BrowsWhen a lady’s eyebrows are well defined, she knows that it will be much easier for her to grab the attention of the man she’s interested in. To better define the brows, one should fill in sparse areas by beefing up her arches using a powder or a pencil that is only a shade darker than her natural brows. Certain sets come with multiple shades of powders and grooming tools, so it’s worth checking out the various ones available on the market.

2. Glowy Cheekbones

Glowy Cheekbones For Sexier LookThe cheekbones can say a lot about a lady and painting a highlighter on the top is like bathing them in candlelight. It’s recommended that women use a formula that is peachy and warm, since this will give her a very natural and appealing look.

1. Glossy Lids

 Glossy Lids For Sexier LookThere is nothing that screams “sexy” more out there than shiny lids. To achieve this sensual look, one only needs to apply a sepia creamy base color onto her lids and top them off using clear gloss. The result is nothing short of extraordinary and paired with glossy lips, it will definitely make Cupidon instantly strike the opposite sex at the sight of such an otherworldly goddess.

Ladies are always looking for a new way to emphasize on the various features they’ve been blessed with and by using these top 10 tips, they’ll be able to attract the right kind of attention that will bring them a lot of compliments.

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