Top 10 Best Bluetooth Headsets Review On Amazon – 2014

Bluetooth headsets are a popular and convenient headset option for use not just with mobile or handheld devices but also desk phones. These headsets come with earphones and a microphone that use Bluetooth wireless technology and, therefore, don’t need a wire to connect. Like other electronic devices, not all Bluetooth headsets are made equal. The usability, price, and features of this type of headset can vary considerably by brand. As a result, choosing the right type of Bluetooth headset can be very confusing.

When buying a Bluetooth headset, it pays to consider several factors, such as sound quality, comfort, ease-of-use and the store’s return policy. A good Bluetooth headset should allow you to hear and be heard clearly. Also, its weight, shape and size should make it comfortable enough to wear for long periods of time. Buying a headset from a store with a favorable return policy will allow you to return the device if it doesn’t meet your needs. Remember the more expensive is not necessary better, so scrutinize those features carefully. Here is a list of the best Bluetooth headsets available today to help you find the right option.

10. NoiseHush N700

NoiseHush N700As a global provider of Bluetooth headsets, cell phone headsets, stereo Bluetooth, stereo headsets, car kits, mono headsets, and other wireless hands-free solutions, NoiseHush produces highly innovative headsets with top notch design, quality and technology. The NoiseHush N700m- 11867 headset is a case in point.

This easy-to-use headset comes with noise-canceling technology, allowing you to engage and enjoy in noise-free and crystal-clear conversations. Its swivel microphone makes it very easy to wear on either ear. The N700’s lightweight and adjustable design means you can wear it for a long period of time without feeling “ear fatigue”. It’s also very easy to use and you can easily access the multifunctional buttons, which control features like Volume Control, Voice Activated Dialing, 3-Way Calling, Call Waiting and more.

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