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The Top 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Iron Man Howard Hughes

Born on Dec 24th, 1905, Howard Robard Hughes was an American investor, business tycoon, an aerospace engineer, filmmaker, inventor, aviator, and Philanthropist. Howard is remembered as one of the wealthiest individuals of his time. Being a Maverick film producer, Hughes gained prominence in Hollywood commencing from the late 1920s, making large budgets and sometimes controversial films such as the Hell’s Angels, Scarface, The outlaw (1943), The Racket (1928).

Howard was also one of the most influential aviation tycoons and aviators in history. In fact, he did set many world air speed records, and he built H-4 “Hercules’ (best known as “Spruce Goose Aircraft”), and Huges H-1 Racer. Hughes later bought and expanded Tarns World Airlines, which later merged with American airlines. He is also well remembered for his reclusive lifestyle later in life and eccentric behaviors, which were caused partly by chronic pain and obsessive compulsive disorder. His legacy is maintained at Howard Hughes Medical Institute. Here is a brief list of the 10 things you didn’t know about iron man Howard Hughes(He takes after Howard Hughes) and his hammered alter ego. Check them out.Iron Man


Although Stan Lee came up with the idea of a hero, and many of Iron man characters and traits, he did not write the story in “Tales of Suspense” that debuted iron man to the planet. A fast approaching deadline forced him to delegate the task on the issue to Larry Lieber, interior artist Don Heck and cover artist Jack Kirby, and it was him who did the bulk of creative task on iron man. In particular, Kirby is accredited with the development of Iron Man’s first Weapon, T. Stark is credited with the look of Tony Stark himself, Pepper Potts and all other characters introduced in the issue.


Stan Lee Modeled Tony stark (Iron Man 3) on popular businessman Howard Hughes, and he takes all the habits of this real world industrialist. However, T. Stark does not take the mental instabilities that struck Howard Hughes later in life.


Converting Stark into a famous hero commenced as a personal motivation for Lee, who viewed the character as a complete contradiction of everything Marvel’s readers normally search for in superheroes. A rich businessman who manufactured weapons for the soldier, Iron Man was introduced at a time when the Cold War was at its climax, and readers were overly tired of war and issues related with Capitalism.


Tony Stark was the first ever Marvel superheroes to exhibit a relatively huge following among female readers. In the word of Lee, “An overwhelming number of fan mails Marvel received from female readers were directed at Tony Stark.”


While subsequent kidnapping and the attacks that prompted Tony Stark to create Iron Man Armor originally happened during the Vietnam War, the event has retroactively been moved forward to the Gulf War, and then most recently to the latest war in Afghanistan.


According to his fictional biography, Tony Stark was admitted to Massachusetts Institute of Technology at an early age of 15, and after 2 years he graduated with a master’s degree in Engineering and Physics.


The injury that first pushed him to create the chest plate in the Iron Man armor have seen multiple modifications and repair, throughout Starks life in comics. However, he still suffered an identical injury, or one that is more debilitating later. This forces him to move on to the life sustaining origins of his armor. At 1 moment, most of Tony stark’s autonomous functions such as heartbeat, breathing, etc. were controlled by the arc reactor embedded in his chest. This was due to the numerous and severe injuries he had suffered over the years.


Stark first altered the color of his weapon from Metallic gray to gold, later to red and eventually to gold, on the advice of a former girlfriend, who told him the color would make him appear less frightening to the people he was trying to rescue.


During the modern era of Tony Stark adventures, Ironman was appointed secretary of Defense by the U.S. president, and he spent more than a year in that role before eventually resigning. He first accepted to take up the position in order to monitor how Stark Technology was being used across nations by militaries.


Stark was termed as the 5th wealthiest fictional character of all times by Forbes in the latest edition of the publication “Annual Fictional” 15 list. Iron Man was 1 of the 5 founding members of the Avengers in the Marvel comics Universe, teaming up with Ant-Man, Hulk, Wasp and Thor to defeat Loki in the Avengers#1. Note that Captain America did not join until a couple of issues later, but he was given founding members status. The team’s initial headquarters was a NY city mansion given to them by Stark, and the team was financed via the Maria Stark Foundation, a nonprofit charity named after Stark’s mother.

In conclusion, although you may never have heard a chance to interact with the real Howard Hughes, the latest series of Iron man offers you the perfect way to assimilate and learn about his personality and traits. However, it does not capture his life from the moment he began to experience mental instabilities. In case you have any comments you would like to leave us, feel free to put them in the box below. You are also welcome to share this post with your friend via social media. We value interacting and sharing knowledge with our readers. Thank you.

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