The Top 10 Most Popular Shoe Brands Everyone Is Wearing

Shoes are something that everyone wears, but if you take notice of the shoes around you as well as the ones on your own feet, they will most likely be one of these top ten shoe brands, because these are hands down the world’s most popular shoes and the reason is simple, they are the best shoes that money can buy when you want to make an investment in a pair of shoes that will not only make a statement but last for a very long time to come.

10. TOMS

TOMS-1 for 1This Company has a “One for One” policy where they give one pair of shoes to an underprivileged child for each pair of shoes that they sell. They sell shoes that are made from vegan and recycled materials. Toms have a distinctive blue tag on the heel of each shoe with the Toms name on it. Toms are popular with kids, teens and adults, equally because they are a fantastic shoe that provides the ultimate in comfort.

9. Aldo

Aldo logoThe Aldo brand stands for top quality shoes that last for years. The Aldo brand includes boots, runners, sandals and handbags. There are offline stores in malls with the name Aldo that carry the exclusive Aldo brand, but it is also possible to shop online without having to leave the comfort of one’s home. Many people have already discovered that Aldo must mean comfort in Italian.

8. Nike

Nike-LogoThis brand is immortalized by the Swoosh symbol that immediately brings the brand name to mind when you see it. Nike is a top worldwide brand that manufactures lightweight running shoes that are professionally designed for the world’s top athletes, but are affordable for everyday people. When people are in the market for a running shoe, they often turn to Nike to fill the bill because they know that this shoe is going to support the foot while providing comfort and not hampering agility.

7. Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson logoFrom pumps to boots and sandals with high heels and wedges, no matter what style a lady wants to wear, the Jessica Simpson shoe brand line has a set of shoes for every occasion. The Jessica Simpson shoe lines mix a variety of daring and racy patterns to create a fantastic shoe for any taste. With patterns including cheetah, leopard, stamped snake and colors including coral, crimson red, lemon chill, women are sure to find a shoe or boot that they will wear for years to come.

6. Steve Madden

Steve Madden LogoWhether you are looking for some boots or a great pair of shoes, Steve Madden shoes are everywhere. Steve Madden is one of the most successful shoe designers in the USA today. He has been responsible for the design and marketing of his own company’s shoes for the last twenty years and they have set a great many trends. Steve Madden has a vision to give all young men and women a unique way to show their individual style by wearing his unique designs which are at the forefront of today’s fashion industry.

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