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The Top 10 Deadliest Cancers And Why There’s No Cure


While there exists many victorious treatments today that didn’t exist couple of decades ago, treatment for cancer has remained elusive for various reasons. The anxieties that come with diagnosis of cancer have their family tree in its killer nature. It has been considered the number 2 cause of death worldwide, second from the heart disease. There exist more than 100 types of cancer that are characterized by growth abnormal cell. Despite being diagnosed early with the most recent treatment, cancer still has the power to kill. Here’s a breakdown of the top 10 deadliest cancers year 2014/2015 and why there is no mainstream cure.

10.Esophageal Cancer (66,659 lives)

This type of cancer is known to start in the cells which line the esophagus which is the tube responsible for carrying food from the throat to the stomach. In most cases it happens in the lower part of esophagus. Studies show that more men as compared to women died from this cancer between 2003 and 2007. It is projected to kill 14,500 people by year 2020. Unfortunately, it doesn’t stop there; this disease kills more and more every day.

Well these are the top most deadliest cancers of all ages. Unfortunately there’s no cure for these cancers as they involve expensive procedures that in most cases not affordable for most people. Similarly little attention is directed towards prevention of the disease with task of early detection being very difficult. Am sure there are many more dangerous types of cancer out there. Feel free to share this post to your friends and you never know, you may actually help someone from being diagnosed with cancer.


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