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Popular Top 10 Soccer Sorcerers Who Failed To Predict Correctly

There are many reasons to believe witchcraft is being used in football, first some fans come to games wearing funny-looking attires and carrying odd paraphernalia that clearly show they are up to something. Some witches have even gone ahead to declare themselves publicly and make predictions on important international events such as the Brazil 2014. Well, not all of their projections have become fruitful.

10. Nana Bonsam Kwaku

Nana Bonsam KwakuHe’s a Ghanaian witchdoctor whose real names can be translated to mean “Wednesday’s Devil,” the fellow claims that Ronaldo’s ankle injury was his doing and that he foresaw it way back in February. Kwaku says the injury was intentionally inflicted so that Cristiano would not score against Ghana in their match which was scheduled for Group G. Bonsam claims that he is currently using 4 of his dogs to create another spirit known as Kahwiri Kapam, something he’ll use to influence even more soccer matches. Despite all this hocus-pocus Ghana was recently eliminated from the tournament.

9. Paul The Octopus

Paul The OctopusPaul is an octopus that’s specifically used for divination and spiritual rituals, the owners claim that there was something unusual about him from the day he was born. They could see it by the way he glanced at people who passed by to watch him. During premonition, owners typically present him with two boxes that contain food portions. Each one of them is identical in shape and size but adorned with different flags representing each contestant in the match, the box in which he picks his food from would then be considered his ultimate choice. Though the animal was successful in 85% of its predictions, he failed in some such as when he picked Croatia over Germany some time back.

8. M. Muniyappan’s Parakeet

M. Muniyappan’s ParakeetMuniyappan is a street sorcerer based in Singapore, he uses his parakeet bird named Mani to tell people’s fortunes and also predict the world cup. The bird’s owner usually places him inside a small wooden pen, and then he’s released to choose between two cards each labeled with the contending countries’ flags. The card that he flips over by the beak is considered his final prediction. The parakeet’s most contentious pick for FIFA 2014 thus far was Netherlands defeating Brazil, it turned out to be true after the Dutch gave their hosts a 3-0 thrashing for no.3 spot at the international soccer contest. Mani makes his predictions by using “cartomancy.”

7. Pele The Piranha

Pele The PiranhaAccording to the caretakers of this fish, their pet piranha may safely be swimming in his tank knowing which team would ultimately lift the trophy. This is in regard to his past premonitions that have turned out to be true, Pele resides in Crews Hill England and his owners usually throw three pieces of food wrapped in colors of different nations into his tank representing a draw or win for either of the teams. The ratio which he picks first ultimately shows which team would emerge victorious in the match.

6. Chick Jeitoso

Chick JeitosoJetiso is a famous witchdoctor in his home country of Brazil, the sorcerer sometimes displays his antics live on the city streets such as around the Arena da Baixada- a spot that he loves visiting quite often. The fellow was recently quoted saying that Brazil would experience profound difficulties in this year’s FIFA contest, and that striker Lionel Messi shall have problems with his team as well. One of his predictions about Brazil came true as they lost badly to Germany and Netherlands. However, the one touching on Messi has failed to suffice as the Argentinian has been stellar so far. It begs the question whether these fortune-tellers know what they are doing, or are simply engaged in guesswork.

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