Oprah Winfrey Turns 60! Here Are Top 10 Fascinating Facts You Didn’t Know About The Queen Of Media


Oprah Winfrey Turns 60Oprah smoked crack. In 1995 show which featured 4 mothers who had abused drugs, Oprah broke into tears and narrated how she abused crack cocaine at her early 20s. She said she used to abuse cocaine because the boy she loved wanted her to smoke it. A spokesman for Winfrey said this was not planned, “Her confession was 100% on the spot, not planned.” He said.


On Feb 10, 1993, MJ, who had not done an interview in over 13 years, sat down at his Neverland Ranch for an interview with Oprar. The allegations that he was sexually molesting small boys had not surfaced at the time, but MJ did give some sensitive personal issues with Winfrey. In fact, Jackson’s interview ranked as the 4th most watched non-sport TV broadcast in media history.


Oprah once dated Roger Ebert, a film critic. Reportedly, Oprah and the famous, groundbreaking film reviewer only went out for 2 dates. But the 2nd one was the most important in Winfrey life. It was on that evening that Ebert convinced Oprah to signing a national syndication contract for her then local, Chicago talk show. Following this, the show went national on Sept 8th, 1986, and the rest is cultural and television history.


Oprah is the most kind celebrity philanthropist across the US, since 2011 when she first ranked number 1 in the Giving Back Fund’s’ annual list of celebrities philanthropists. Estimates tell that Winfrey has donated more than $350 million. This amount has mostly gone to charities and hundreds of humanitarian causes around the world.


Oprah is the wealthiest black woman across the planet. In 1994, she joined Bill Cosby as the only 2 African Americans in the Forbes 400 list. As of that time, her wealth had been recorded at $340 million. In today dollar amount, this would be an estimated $519 million. But her net worth has by far outpaced inflation. Oprah is currently worth an estimated $2.9 billion, making her the first ever, and only black woman billionaire in the world. Clearly, January 29 was a milestone in Winfrey’s life. This pioneering icon for black-Americans and women celebrated her sixtieth birthday in style. We have heard that Winfrey eventually decided to stay in her Montecito, California home, and have her own quiet gathering, or so the Chicago Tribune reports.

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