Oprah Winfrey Turns 60! Here Are Top 10 Fascinating Facts You Didn’t Know About The Queen Of Media

Born on 29th January 1954, Oprah Winfrey is an American Media proprietor, actress, producer, talk show host, and philanthropist. She is most famous for her TV show titled The Oprah Winfrey Show’; which is the highest rated program of its kind. Since 1986 when she syndicated this TV show, Oprah is the most influential women in the US. His influence across the world has grown exponentially, and so has his success. As a matter of fact, the times magazine termed Winfrey as the most powerful women in the planet in 21st century in a similar list with Indira Gandhi, Eleanor Roosevelt and Margret Thatcher. January 29th is always a great day for Oprah. This pioneering figure for both African-Americans and women celebrates her birthday on this day. On her 60th birthday in 2014, we hear rumors that Oprah spent her day at her Montecito, California home, or so the The Chicago Tribune’ reported. Oprah had earlier on said she wanted a huge blowout party one can ever dream off, but the moment it became too huge, she simply said, “Ignore it.”

To help you remember Oprah Winfrey 60s birthday in style, we have put together 10 fascinating facts that you need to know about this great woman. Check them out.Oprah Winfrey


Winfrey is a beauty pageant queen. Although Oprah has been overly public this year about her fight with self-esteem, her appearance and weight issues, when Oprah was young at 17, she was sufficiently confident about her look to vie for beauty pageants and win them. In fact, she holds 2-beauty pageant crowns, both won in 1971. She first won the Miss Black Tennessee in the year, and then the states Miss Fire Prevention Beauty Pageant. To answer the question, what will you do with a million dollar? Oprah said, “I will be a spending fool.”


Oprah has actively supported advancement of gay and lesbian rights. In 1988, she occasionally promoted the 1st annual National Coming Out Day on “The Oprah Winfrey show’. On the actual day of the event, Oct 11, Members of Oprah’s studio audience came up and declared they were naturally gay. Numerous other celebrities have selected her show to announce to their curious fans that they are gay. For instance, Ellen Degeneres stood out on a unique episode of her own sitcom; she did so to her onscreen therapist who was acted by Oprah Winfrey.


In 2008, Vernita Lee, Oprah’s mum, was engaged in a case with a fashion boutique shop that claimed she had bought goods worth more than $155,000 on credit, and then reneged on the bill. Vernita sued he stores claiming it should not have given her he credit from the first time, but then Oprah moved in and cleared her mother’s debt. Or at minimum, an adequate amount to make the store owner happy. Terms and conditions of the settlement remain confidential to-date.


She ceased scooping Daytime Emmy Awards in 2000. Not because she did not qualify, but because Oprah requested to have her name take out of consideration. She wrote and said, “It is about time to let someone else take the chance. Her TV talk show has scooped over 47 Emmy Awards.


Winfrey was once romantically involved with the Former Entertainment Tonight’ host, John Tesh, how currently pushed on with his career as a musician. It was reported and confirmed that the 2 dated when they were both cub reporters at Nashville, 39 years earlier. In a tell all biography of Oprah, Kitty Kelly tells that Winfrey and John lived together but decided to end the relationship unable to keep up with social pressures of an interracial relationship.

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