Know the 10 Dangerous Insects That Can Easily Kill You

We live on a planet full of things that pose a great danger to human life. Although small, insects naturally have a lethal defense mechanism that puts them in the league of the most dangerous creatures as far as mankind is concerned. There are thousands of insect species on earth and among these, some have been tested and proven extremely dangerous for human beings due to their ability to kill. If you took some time off to comb through the past, you will certainly meet chilling accounts of the pain, loss or even deaths that these little creatures visited upon mankind whenever they crossed paths. The following is an interesting account of some dangerous insects that can so easily kill you .

10. Tsetse Fly

Tsetse FlyIt has a very painful sting and is a carrier of dreaded disease called sleeping sickness. They largely prey on the blood of vertebrates. Over three hundred thousand people die in Africa every year due the disease tsetse flies cause and spread know as trypanosomiasis

9. Hemiptera – Kissing Bugs

Hemiptera – Kissing BugsA majority of bugs in this classification have a unique tube like sucking mouthparts. A number of them mostly eat plant sap in different forms but the kissing bug preys on the blood of bigger animals. The kissing bug consequently transmits a deadly disease known as Chagas disease whose prime symptoms include a swelling at the infected spot. In its initial stage Chaga disease symptoms are not very alarming and one might be tempted to ignore them. However if left un- treated it gets chronic and affects one’s heart and intestines. By the time a victim hits the chronic stage, they are literally in danger because treatment for this disease has not been developed to meet that challenge and current drugs are still largely in effective

8. Fire Ants

 Fire AntsThese usually nest in soil or sand and they prefer to construct very large mounds. Fire ants feed on smaller insects and plants. When provoked, a fire ant unleashes a painfully venomous prick that generates a sensation like burning fire. This is the reason why it was named after fire. After striking, its victim swells to develop a painful pustule. If one only gets a few stings, they can easily be cured but a swarm of them can lead to death. They can cause 150 deaths in a day not to mention the catastrophic damage they extend on crops

7. Wasps

WaspsWasps are several and include the hornets and yellow jackets. They are generally terrestrial, relatively social and each sub –species exclusively preys upon a specific pest or parasite. Although these insects do not go out on an express mission to sting humans [unless they are threatened], its oft_allergic sting has the potential to cause considerable damage. There have been several cases where wasp victims have succumbed to anaphylactic shock and died out of a single sting by a wasp.

6. Fleas

FleasFleas inflict little bites in such an annoying way. They especially like nesting on pets and are directly to blame for the multiplication of Bubonic Plague. They transfer these from rats which are their hosts to humans. Fleas feed on blood sucked from warm blooded vertebrates and usually infest an area or animal rather fast. Its bite leads to allergy prone pustules.

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