Dana White’s UFC 169 Scrum: The Top 10 Things You Need To Know

Ahead of UFC 169, UFC president Mr. Dana White touched on everything from UFC 169 being a sellout to future global development plans for the promotion. Here are the top 10 things you should know about Dana White UFC 169 scrum. They are the latest news and trends in UFC news.

10. John The Lineker vs. Bagautino Match Could Give The Flyweight Title Contender

Lineker vs. BagautinoD. White differed with the media that Lineker vs. Bagautino bout could give the next Flyweight contender. He said, “There is no guarantee up to now that the winner will be the top contender to take on Demetrious Johnson; the current champ. But the Saturday night bout is something to keep an eagle’s eye on.”

9. Jose Aldo Can Stride Up To 55

Anthony Pettis vs. Jose AldoIn a recent Luncheon White held in L.A., he said he would love to watch Anthony Pettis vs. Jose Aldo happen. If Jose Aldo wishes to stride up to 55 and fight Pettis, Dana white is set for it. However, J. Aldo would have to drop his current title to do so. White said, “I think if he feels he can make to fight Pettis he should do it, and leave his current title. But if he does not like being at 55, he can move back and compete for the title again.” “I am not sure that is what he wants,” White added. “I mean we have never, and we have not talked about it, but if it were to happen that would be real fun.”

8. Dana Is Appalled With How Julianna Pena’s Knee Injury Happened

Julianna Pena’On Wednesday evening, Dana tweeted that Julianna Pena should leave her current camp Sikjitsu. During the Pre-fight scrum, Dana explained why Pena’s injury is the most tragic thing he has ever heard off. He said, “It is the worst injury I have ever heard off in UFC 169. These types of injuries happen in football.” He said, “Apparently this is what transpired; she just won the Ultimate fighter trophy, she was ranked #10 across the globe, and she was in the gym training, while one of her partners, a man, came saying to her, “You are wearing the Ultimate Fighter shirt. We are scared.” He jumped on to her, started cracking her neck, she fell on her knee and it blew out. “It’s the most disgusting this I have heard in my life, “Said Dana white. “For about a year or one and a half she will be out of the game.” I advised her to vacate that disgusting gym and go somewhere with new training partners, new coaches, whatever. This is all I know.

7. Joe Silva And White Have Discussed A. Johnson

Joe Silva And White Have Discussed A. JohnsonThey have only discussed Anthony who have been on a six-fight win streak since he was cut from UFC. White said, “It’s is not definite that white could return to UFC but they are currently contemplating the possibility.”

6. Roy Nelson And D. White Have Applied For The NSAC Executive Director Position

Roy Nelson And D. WhiteD. White and Nelson rarely see eye to eye on most things. Dana’s reaction on learning that UFC Heavyweight Roy Nelson had applied for Keith Kizer’s position as executive director at the NSAC was very brief. “I mean what is there to say about that? It is just it, I guess it is Roy seeking some attention.”

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