Best Reviews Of Top Ten Business Card Scanners On Amazon


A business card is essential to marketing your business and name; not only to people you meet, but to other business contacts you are connected to, via customers. For this reason, a business card scanner, is something you want to have, so that you can have a business card with you at all times. Even if you only have a couple cards left; a scanner allows you to scan the image, and capture it on a number of mediums, including a smart phone or online email account. This will give you the opportunity to have more cards on you, even if you had not had the time to order new cards, through a professional printing company.

10. Visioneer Mobility

Visioneer Mobility

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This scanner allows you to scan to smart phones, SD cards, or a USB drive; best of all, you don’t need a computer present to do so. You can upload to tablets, scan to a variety of storage mediums, and select the ideal resolution, for your business cards to look good. In ten seconds you can scan a card; and, the scanner will last for up to 300 prints or scans, without having to recharge the scanning device.

If you want others to see your business card, these scanners allow you to transfer them. Or, with the portable scanner, you can scan someone else’s business card, if they do not have one to give you, so that you can retain their business information and contact them at a later date. With these small devices, you can scan in great resolution, stores hundreds of contacts on one card, and retain all the business information and contacts you want, each time you meet someone. You can eliminate clutter, get rid of piles and piles of business cards, but still you are going to be able to retain the information of anyone you meet, when you are using these great business card scanners, each time you meet a new business contact.

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