10 Things You May Not Know About John D. Rockefeller

Born on July 8th 1839, John D.Rockefeller was born in a simple wood frame house in the quiet hamlet of Richford, New York. Rockefeller was an American Business magnate and a philanthropist. He was the founder of the 1st U.S. large business trust, the Standard Oil, which dominated the US oil industry. He revolutionized the oil industry and collaborated with contemporary industrialist such as Carnegie Andrew to define modern philanthropy. Rockefeller rose from his humble origins to be one of the wealthiest man who ever lived. On his 175th anniversary of his birth, here are 10 things you may not know about John D. Rockefeller. Check them out.D. Rockefeller

10. His Dad Was A Con Artist And A Bigamist

William Avery Rockefeller, John D. Rockefeller father, was snake oil salesman who used to pause as a deaf peddler hawking herbal remedies and miracle cures. William alternately fathered kids, including John, with his wife and mistresses. He lived a double live posing as an eye-ear specialist called Dr. William Livingston, and in 1855 he secretly married another woman.

9. Each Year, Rockefeller Celebrated The Anniversary Of Landing His First Job

On 26th Sept, 1855, A Cleveland based merchant firm, Hewitt and Tuttle, hired the teenager Rockefeller as an assistant bookkeeper. From that day onward, Rockefeller always celebrated “Job Day” every September 26th to commemorate his first day in the Business world. Rockefeller considered the date more important than his birthday. “My entire life seems to hinge on that particular day,” he once reminisced. “I always treble whenever I ask myself the question, What if I did not get the job?

8. He Employed Substitute Soldiers To Evade Civil War Combat.

Although Rockefeller was a passionate abolitionist, he did not take up arms in the civil war of 1861. When his youngest brother was injured at Chancellorsville and Cedar Mountain, he received an exemption for being the sole means of supporting his family and hired soldiers to step in his place, a popular practice during the war. “I really wanted to join the army and do my part.” He said. “but it was clearly not an option. We had just started a new business and if I was to go it definitely would have collapsed…so much relied on it.” His commodity business gained a lot from the Civil war giving him the required capital to venture into oil business.

7. Cleveland Was The Starting Epicenter Of Rockefeller Oil Empire.

Shortly after successful exploration of oil in Titusville, Pennyslvania, the then 24 years old John Rockefeller ventured into the Fledging Oil business in 1863 by investing in a Cleveland refinery. Later in the year 1870, he formed the Standard Oil together with his younger brothers Henry flagger, William, and additional investors. He forged secret alliances with railroads that enabled him to accumulate segments of the supply chain to attain economies of scale, buying out and intimidating rivals, and effectively serving the rising demand for kerosene. Eventually, Standard oil was controlling 90% of the U.S. oil supply. In 1880s, D. Rockefeller moved the company’s head office to New York city.

6. Rockefeller Donated Excess Of $500 Million To Various Philanthropic Causes.

Right form his very first Pay check, Rockefeller religiously tithed 1% of his earning to his church right from his very first Paycheck. After officially retiring from Standard Oil in 1897, Rockefeller scaled up his philanthropy and gave half a billion dollars to religious, scientific and educational causes. In 1913, he founded Rockefeller’s foundation, which main objective was “To promote the wellness of Humans across the Globe.” His foundation contributed to achievements such as development of a yellow fever vaccine, and successful elimination of Hookworm disease from the US.

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