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10 Amazing Things You Can Learn From Mark Cuban

Born on 31st July 1958, Mark Cuban is an American Investor, Businessman, owner of NBA’s Dallas Maverick, Magnolia Pictures, landmark Theatres and the chairman of HDTV cable and Network AXS TV. He is also a Shark Investor in the television show Shark Tank’. In 2011, he wrote his own book titled, How To Win At The Sport Of Business’ In which he chronicles his life experience in business And sports. Luckily for you, we have done the homework and compiled a list of 10 Amazing things you can learn from Mark Cuban from his book. Check them out.Mark Cuban

10. He Is Always Ready For A Fight, In Business And In Life

Cuban does not expect easy sailing, not in life or business. He says, “Every situation has the potential to spill out of hand and elevate to chaos. You should always be ready to fight and defend both your life and your business” True, Cuban works hard and smart. He is always ready and willing to defend his business, and he never allows himself to fall out of shape. He says, “You should always be ready for a fight because business is an endless fight. Even when you are at the top, you have to fight to stay there.”

9. He Is Smarter Than His Opponents

He says, “If you are smarter compared to your opponents, you will have a competitive advantage over them. Fighting in business to win is very mental. I am smarter than my opponent because I make sure I plan, I am better conditioned, better trained, and very mental.” Mark portrays 2 distinct competencies in a business fight; he is ever ready and smarter than 99.9% of his opponents. This means he always does smarter training and preparation.

8. He Is Hard To Drive Into A Trap

You cannot Catch Cuban unaware; he is always geared up for attacks from his competitors, and he always has a proactive plan in place. He says, “One thing you never do in business is to wonder around waiting to see what will happen.” Mark always takes into account all possibilities that can occur, and the challenges his business opponents might throw his way. He is ever ready and prepared to react. He will never allow himself to be pushed into a corner where the only option he has is to escape or make a loss. He says in his book, “The secret to success in business is to plan ahead and know where you are. A good fighter is hard to trap and hard to corner. He is always moving and prepared for attacks from any side.” According to him, he has been successful largely because he makes sure not to react but to be proactive.

7. He Is Frugal, Very Smart With His Funds

He says, “A good businessman will be wise to watch his or her money when paying trainers, buying equipment, employing people, etc.” He gives an example of the celebrated fighter Mike Tyson, who was not financially responsible. He was not frugal, and he lost about $400 Million. You have to be an idiot to blow away such an amount of money. He says, “If you can blow such an amount, you can definitely blow your fight which is what Mike Tyson did.”

6. He Is Constantly Searching For Advantages

Cuban never settles for the status quo. He is always searching for elements that can offer him a competitive advantage over his competitors. He is always studying to learn more and figure out the newest technologies in business. He is continuously investing in new ventures with potential for huge growth, and that can help his existing businesses to continue to expand.

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